Maddox (pictured below) is my only "true" Cardi-Cat, aka polydactyl aka Hemingway; however, since this is the Chronicles of Cardigan, for simplicity of page names, let's just go ahead and call all six of them Cardi-Cats. I don't think they'll mind.☺
Cardi-Cat and Soul Man.
So, yeah. I have a whole passel of rescue cats. You can read their stories here, or run away screaming. Or read them and then run away screaming. Oh and, mind if I join you?

1991 - June 2, 2011

Charlie (aka Charlottan)  

Was picked up as a kitten off the side of a highway in Tennessee - by a college friend of my husband's (while we were in college - before we were married).  Turns out the friend discovered she was allergic to cats on the ride back to NC.  Sooo, long story short, my husband took in Charlie and she graced our home for over 19 years. Rock on, Chatty Charlie!

Tigger (aka Tiggawig)

Dumped with two littermates at the construction site where our previous home was being built.  She lived under a dumpster taking handouts until we moved in, at which point she walked into our garage and claimed us as her own.  Tigger is a smart little pistol of a cat who takes no funny business from goofball corgis.  She purrs loudly and loves belly scratches. (Incidentally, Tigger's baby brother was hit by a car soon after he was dumped.  Her sister was adopted by a family in Northern Virginia.)

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Eva (aka Eva Diva, Deevie)

Was caught sunbathing on our front porch one October afternoon.  Upon further investigation we discovered she was a starving adult covered in ticks (however, still beautiful with her orange-spattered jet black coat).  Of course we fed her and the rest is history.  Eva is a survivor who is slow to warm, but when she does, she's a cuddly wooly bear.
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Lulabelle (aka Lula, Looty Tooty Fresh and Fruity)

Was discovered as a young kitten hanging out one night in the woods by a gravel road near our house.  The headlights of my car caught the reflection of her eyes, so naturally, I had to stop and investigate.  At the sight of me she nearly climbed my leg in desperation for food.  I couldn't bear to leave her in the woods overnight (even with food and water), so home with me she came.  Turns out she had a nasty case of worms, ear mites and  double conjunctivitis.  I suppose it could have been much worse.  Lulabelle and Jon Farleigh became best buds in the three months before Dewi came home.  She is as smart as cats come.  In fact, if she were a dog, she'd be a herder. 

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Maddox (aka Maddy, Mau-Mau, Cardi-cat, Poopie)

A former 2+ year resident at the Richmond SPCA, Maddox, at the time of his adoption, was approximately 9 years old. I first laid eyes on him while attending a volunteer class on "cat handling." He looked just like my first cat, Buster. Less than a month later (after a failed foster stint and despite a prescription diet to manage urinary crystals, his nasty dragon breath and a massive case of the orneries) I adopted him.  He is my soul man.☺

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Bertie (aka George Albert, Berber, Bertrans, Berbie, Squirty Bertie)
Details coming soon!

Oh, who am I kidding? Bertie's details are all in HERE. Hint: He and his siblings were left to fend for themselves near my house, only two months after we adopted Maddox. He is practically perfect. :)

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Bobby Flay O'Fish (aka Bobby Flay, Flobby Bay, Little Man, Redheaded Goofyhead)

I came upon this tiny one (in my car) on a busy 6-lane highway, trying to cross. When he fled to a nearby Starbucks parking lot, I pulled over and snatched him, at which point I painfully discovered he was not socialized to humans (feral). So, naturally, I tossed him in my car and drove him home. :) The rest of his rescue story is HERE.

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  1. I love that you have cats and dogs, and of course that you are rescuing, thank you


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