Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The #1 Reason I Don't Like Antibiotics

Fluffy Butt + Antibiotic Side Effect = The Devil's Work

Eleven more days of antibiotic side effect. :^(
Somebody's getting a haircut today.


  1. Why is he on antibiotics? Not from the neutering, is it?

  2. Not from the incision, thankfully, but he developed a skin infection from licking razor burned areas. He's on an anti-inflammatory, too. :(

  3. Oops. Is he getting yogurt too? That may help some. I'm telling you, consider having him shaved. 2x a year will keep the power of he fluff in check.

  4. I usually keep the fluffy butt much shorter; it's way too long. I don't know if I could shave it all though - I love his red waves. Now when the new mommy phase wears off, however, I might be persuaded.
    I'm gonna try some plain yogurt or canned pumpkin if he continues to have trouble on the meds. There's been improvement since this morning's episode.

  5. At Doswell you'll meet Bogey. He'll be about 3 months out from his last shave down and you can see what you think. For summer it was the only way to go.

  6. Poor Jon. Funky corgi butt isn't fun.


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