Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Accidental Cardi Fool

Okay, so last night I was flipping through the channels and ran across the 1988 film (based on the 1985 same-titled novel by Anne Tyler) The Accidental Tourist. Since I'm a hopeless Cardigan Welsh Corgi fool, I already knew that one of the main characters in the movie is a tri-color Cardi named Edward. Of course I tuned in - and for any other Cardi fool out there reading this, if you haven't seen this movie, please do yourself a favor and rent it. The action can be slow at times; however, if you can get past that and the depressing score, it's wonderful entertainment. It's the quirky and adorable Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Edward, however, that steals the screen.

That was my two-cent movie review. (I'll be keeping my day job, thanks.)

Now, the reason I had to write this post is not because I want everyone to go rent the movie; it's because into the first 20 minutes or so of watching it, I realized that the seed of my deeply-rooted Cardi fancy (aka foolery) was not planted three years ago - when I accidentally discovered that there was a second, lesser known corgi breed with a tail -  but 22 years ago when I first saw the movie The Accidental Tourist.

I can still remember the day I bought the book in my college bookstore ('86). I chose it from all the other "best-sellers" on the shelf because the cover art was cool, it had good reviews and most importantly, there was a funny dog in the plot summary (I never claimed to be an intellectual). I ended up reading the book several times before I saw the film. Anyway, as I was watching last night, I started to get a vague recollection of being completely thunderstruck in the movie - all those years ago - by the most charming little actor dog I had ever seen. Of course back then - without the modern luxury called Google - I most likely assumed Edward was some sort of Basset/German Shepherd mix; wanted desperately to have one just like him; however, resolved to never find another one in "real life," and not too long after that, forgot all about it.

Last night as all of this started coming back to me, and as I gazed down at my beloved stubby-legged Boys (who were barking loudly at the dog on TV), I sat in amazement at how some things just seem to work out.  Like they were meant to be. Maybe I'm not an accidental Cardi fool after all. :)


  1. That movie is EXACTLY how I ended up wanting a Cardigan. So when I finally wore my husband down about having a dog (he grew up on a farm and all they ever had were outdoor dogs), he put all kinds of conditions on it - two of which were not able to climb up on the furniture by themselves and can't get food off the table/counter. A-ha! I have just the dog! Found the movie somehow, showed it to him and the rest was history.

  2. That's cool. :) My husband wouldn't wear down 16 years ago when I wanted a dog - so I got Molly when he was out of town. (We can joke about it now.) I'm glad yours liked Edward.

  3. I don't know if it was "like" as much as it was "resigned after being worn down by persistent nagging". The funny thing - last year, Rufus got out of our fence and disappeared for over a day, who was the most upset? My husband. Didn't sleep for 2 days and actually took time off from work to drive around looking for the little guy. Now we know how he really feels about him!

  4. Funny (glad Rufus came back though; that must have been terrifying). Mine didn't want to get Jon (because of his fluff). Husband knew it was inevitable though (since I was already head over heels) and just gave in (smart man). Jonny's the fluffy apple of his eye now; wouldn't trade him for all the correct coat in the world!

  5. They are evil and climb into your brain and never get out. Got to love the power of the Cardigan.

  6. We are recent Cardi owners but have had a Pembroke for almost two years. I got Atticus while my husband was out of town as well. Within 2 days, hubs was referring to Atticus as 'my boy' - he was sunk with one look at those blue eyes.

    1. Is this the handsome blue merle Atticus that is gracing the Facebook page?? :) I'd be sunk too! (I will never live down the out-of-town doggy incident, but after having Molly in our lives, be both know it was meant to be. My husband tells it like a funny anecdote now. Thank goodness.☺)

      Have fun with your new Cardi baby!


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