Sunday, January 16, 2011

Continued...."Uh, Dewi?"

Okay so obviously, he was stuck on the stairs and not swimming in the toilet bowl - or worse.  Big woop.  A little anticlimactic, wouldn't you say?  Well, sure - if not for one other thing, which begs the question:  How many steps does Dewi have to go up before he gets stuck - for 10 straight minutes?

Yep, ONE.
Poor guy couldn't go up or down.
He's clearly not a risk taker.

Hey!  Over here!

Dude, could you quit laughing and give me a hand?

My kids decided to turn the moment into a teaching session.  Well, sort of.

He never made it to the top.
(But did you notice Jon Farleigh hopping around up there?)


  1. Clearly he doesn't have the dare-devil gene that JF inherited from his father :) The stories would curl your hair.

  2. Poor Dewi! I think wooden stairs are nature's cruel joke on corgis. Long torsos + short legs + steps = mean, mean, mean!

    We have one of those annoying two-story family rooms with wooden stairs...on New Year's we came home to find Rufus unexpectedly up on the second floor, scared of the fireworks down the street. And of course, he was so excited we were home that he tried to come down and ended up basically rolling/bouncing/falling down most of the steps. Just about gave me a heart attack!

  3. We very recently put in hardwood flooring on our main level. We considered doing the stairs to complete the look, but decided against as it is just too slippery for the boys. We didn't want them responding to the doorbell by slipping/falling going down the steps in a big rush. It will probably save me a time or two as well!

  4. Dina - JF climbs but won't come down (yet). He is super athletic and impulsive (probably not a safe combo). Thankfully, Dewi doesn't fuel that in him.

    Builder Mama - Poor Rufus. :(

    Taryn - Unfortunately, the wood steps were here long before the boys. Believe me, I know what you mean about potential danger - I'm a klutz and am lucky I haven't fractured anything yet. We try to prevent the boys from going near the indoor stairs (which is why Dewi can't go up them). A gate might me in our future.

  5. Nope, don't know nothin' about athletic and impulsive dogs. Never seen that combination before. She says w/tongue firmly planted in cheek :) Like I said, the Sam stories would curl your hair.....


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