Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Feline Fix - Tigger (the one who kicked me to the curb)

Well, as the title states, Tigger has all but disassociated herself from me since - let's say - this past October, when we started allowing the Boys a little more freedom in the downstairs.  This also happens to be about the time when Jon Farleigh figured out how to get up onto my VERY HIGH bed, which used to be reserved as Tigger's sleeping place and safe sanctuary.  (Not so safe for her anymore.)  Fed up, Tigger - who has been MY cat for the last 10 years - packed up the remnant of her dignity and moved upstairs to live with my middle child.  I seriously rarely see her, and even then, it's usually just the tip of her tail as she's heading to the litter box. 

This morning I ventured upstairs - uninvited - to snap a few photos of my former cat in her new apartment.  As expected I got a lot of attitude and mostly glaring dirty looks.  The sad thing is that these are probably some of the "best" photos I've ever gotten of her.  :-(

Gosh, I miss the little flat-faced haint!

P.S. I had a reeeeally hard time narrowing down the field.  Many photos coming up.
[Cue the tune "She Used to Be My Girl" by The O'Jays.  That's what I'm singing in my head.]


  1. Tigger is the most beautiful disgruntled tenant I've ever seen! Cats are so funny, they really know how to hold a grudge.

  2. Thank you. :) They can be some hateful animals - especially the girls.


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