Sunday, January 9, 2011

How comfy can a cone really be?

Is this one of the saddest things you've ever seen, or what?

If this was the video proudly featured on the Comfy Cone website, I'm not sure they'd still be in business. :)

Here are some more photos of Jon Farleigh modeling his cone. (Go ahead and laugh; you know you want to.)

So versatile

No need to remove for drinking

Or eating a snack

Rolls back to increase cuteness while begging

And as the logo states, it's comfy

Need I say more?


  1. Jon: Daddy says if you want to be a successful product model, you have to at least pretend to believe in the product you are modeling.

  2. Daddy: You would be so proud. Since I did inherit your good sense, I told them that I'd pretend to like that darn cone as soon as I got paid. :) Jon

    (Jon will be wearing the "darn" cone for two more weeks. The incision already healed, but he got a skin infection from where he licked the shaved area. Should get better rapidly with the meds he got today, though.)

  3. Very smart Jonny! You should always get paid for doing work :)

    So he'll be cone-free in Doswell. I made the entry for that Sunday yesterday. We should know next Wednesday what the ring time is. Cross your fingers for mid-morning to early afternoon!

  4. No, no cone in Doswell. I will cross fingers about the ring time (cause 8 a.m. will be painful).

  5. Rufus has one of the inflatable "cones" that looks more like a life preserver around his neck than anything. He kept catching the bottom of the Cone of Shame on the thresholds in our house (hilarious to see, but I felt sorry for my poor boo) so $40 later, he had his new Donut of Shame.

    Jon seems like he fared well, though. Such a handsome buddy.

  6. Builder Mama - I sent my husband out on Sat. to get me a donut of shame, but he came back with comfy cone of shame ($33 at Petco). We decided to keep it after trying it out on Jon. Since it's soft, he doesn't get caught much, but he HATES being without peripheral vision. Oh well, not spending another $40 for a donut at this point. (And poor Dewi will be wearing the cone next month.)

  7. May i ask you wich size did you get ?
    Because i want to buy one for my corgi !
    Thanks a lot !


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