Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's true. The hands on a watched clock don't move.

Dropped Jon Farleigh off at the vet at 7:38 a.m. He's likely in surgery being neutered this minute, or waking up from anesthesia. I was instructed to call for an update at 4 p.m., if I hadn't heard anything before then. Why is it not 4 p.m. already?!

On a good note, Dewi and I have had some much needed alone/bonding time. In fact, this is the longest we've ever spent alone together - ever. The thing is, no matter how much I know he loves my undivided attention and affection, I sense something amiss. He must miss Jonny as much as I do. Good thing he doesn't know how to tell time (on a clock that is). :-)
Where's my bro?


  1. My guys always get a bit odd when one of them leaves, and the other is left home to ponder it. I am pretty sure it is not so much missing, as worryng that the absent one is getting/doing something good. Then when the absent one returns home reeking of the vet's office, the one left home just snickers and gives a sigh of relief.

  2. Taryn - I like your glass half full perspective. :)

    Dina - He's tired and sore, but fine. :) I just updated the blog.


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