Sunday, January 23, 2011

Two girls + Two dogs + Too cold = Um, well, why don't I let you figure it out.

This is what happens in my house when children are bored and it's too cold outside to play.

Tigger and Minnie or Digger and Jinny?

Or space alien?
"I come in peace."

This is just sad.

Got ears?

Dewi is inside the sleeve of a Snuggie.
Aren't dogs Grrrreat!?


  1. JF looks like an amazingly good sport. Or was there food bribery involved? Dewi definitely looks long-suffering. Or hungry.

  2. Oh, they were both totally waiting for treats. My daughter had them sit/staying for the picture. :) They (dogs) eventually took the headbands off and used them for tug-of-war.

  3. If Dewi will wear a Snuggie to get a treat, that's pretty desperate. ;-)

  4. I'm convinced Dewi would do just about anything (at least briefly) for a treat. :)

  5. Who am I kidding - Rufus would lick the hands of the Devil himself to get a treat. He has no shame.


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