Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Feline Fix - Charlie (The Really Old One)

I have a confession to make.  Charlie is really my husband's cat.  I could never quite bond with her because she bullied my dearly departed Buster (first pet cat after moving out of my parents' house).  Not that she's one of those hissy *itch cats; she's actually really sweet - to people.  Charlie's *really* old - 20 years old, in fact.  Can't see or hear like before, and not the jumper she used to be, but don't count her out just yet.

This is what I think of this photo shoot.  Pftttttttttttt.
Can you see why he named me Charlie;
after some odd man with a funny mustache?
I do have gorgeous emerald green eyes, though, don't I?


  1. WOW! 20 years old! I sure wish dogs were given that much time, well, that much "healthy" time.

  2. She's an anomaly - even shocks the vet, but, yeah, it's hard knowing the dogs won't have it so good (as most cats).


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