Sunday, February 6, 2011

Would this TV spot make you want to neuter your dog?

(Since tonight is Super Bowl, which for me means I get to - hopefully - watch funny commercials, I thought I'd blog one for good measure.)

Although this spay/neuter promo was produced by my local SPCA (who does great things for pets in my fair city), I'm not sure I'd be running out to get my boy altered after seeing it.  Interestingly, I only remember seeing the commercial air once.

You can also see this video over at Edie Jarolim's Will My Dog Hate Me?.


  1. Oh, now I think that is a great commercial, but can imagine why many people would not! Thanks for the comments on Darby's Daily. I think the felt balls (speaking of balls, ahem) are really fun and I'll bet your kitty will like to play with them. You can start forming the ball around a small bell which would make it extra fun for a kitty. Our daughter lives in Fredericksburg, and we'll be flying into your lovely airport before too long to visit her. I like your airport so much better than Dulles!


  2. Bahahaha! That is a great commercial!

  3. Well, I don't think it would do anything to make a man get his dog neutered, that's for sure! Men are much more hesitant about it anyway and I don't think this ad would help. On the other hand it was funny and that actress is well known for her funny RoomStore ads.....

  4. Yeah, it's funny. :) It certainly gets one's attention, too. That's certainly what they were hoping for. BTW, Taryn - my husband calls Jon Farleigh "The Ball-less Wonder." :(

    Boo's Mom (Melissa) - I can see why you'd prefer Richmond International to Dulles. Enjoy your trip! Also, I'd thought about the bell thing, but, unfortunately, Jon Farleigh has a little OCD when he hears "jingling." He becomes like a greyhound in pursuit of the rabbit and the rabbit never survives. :(


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