Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Must I tap dance, too?

The Dewi Dance (aka I-want-something-now-and-I-will-make-you-guess) Master


  1. My first Cardigan used the beg position all the time to ask for things. It was hard to resist.

    Oddly, neither of my current Cardis have the core muscles to pull off a beg unassisted.

  2. Strap on your tappy-tappy shoes, Dewi!

    I've been trying to get Chewie to sit up like that a couple of times but... I think her tactic is to have me give up which results in surrendering the treat over to her.

  3. Dance, short man! I want to teach Nick how to do that too. I've tried with Rufus and he gives me the middle finger.

    I'll email you - Nick would love to meet the boys! He sez having friendly friends is good instead of growly grumpy older brothers.

  4. Dancing with the stars bound
    Benny & Lily

  5. How cute! If Dewi does tap dance, will you give him an entire bag of treats rather than just one?

  6. Dewi's core must be built for this move because it only took him a few days as a pup to get it. Jon Farleigh, on the other hand, just can't do it - so we don't push. It's so funny how Dewi learned that when he does this, we all scramble to figure out what he wants. :)


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