Friday, March 18, 2011

Photo Shoot Blarney with The Blarney Boys

Please refer to the limerick post for reference.

Dewi [using sarcasm]: "Nice tie."
JF: "Yur wearing one, too, Short Stack."


Dewi [singing]: "The HILLS are alive...with the sound of MUsic..."
JF: "Why are you still here?"

Dewi: "d-d-d-Doood, looks-lika LAYY - DAYYYY!!!!"
JF: "I think I can make it down with only a slipped knee."

Dewi: "Summer breeeeze makes me feel fine...blowin' thru the jasmine in my MIND..."
JF: "Do you hate me?"

With apologies to:
* The von Trapp family
* Aerosmith
* Seals & Crofts


  1. I can definitely tell that even though they're not blood-related, Dewi and Nick will be fast friends. Poor beleaguered Jon's hard when your brother is a total goof, isn't it?

  2. Unfortunately, Bogey seems to fall into the 'total doof' category as well. Those 3 together will be very interesting. JF would probably prefer to hang with his older sister, Ginny. She knows how Southerners are supposed to act.

  3. JF, sweetheart, my little noodle... let me take you far away from that place. We could live in a loft someplace in the city. I'll cook dinners and tend the garden while you are idolized.

    And just for grins we will leave Wendy Bad Dog in your place and they won't know what hit them!

  4. Oh! We love it! Very funny! Thanks for the laughing!

  5. @Builder Mama - I think Dewi will love big Nick, too. I also think JF will love big Nick. JF is just *very* serious sometimes. :)

    @RDM - That's funny about Bogey. For the longest time, I couldn't put my finger on Dewi's and JF's personality differences. They both love people, other dogs and they're smart. But, yes, I now believe it's simple - Dewi is doofy and JF is always thinking. They're Bert and Ernie. It *will* be intersting to see how the three bro's interact. JF might need to sit with Ginny.

    @Kim - JF says he's thinking about running away with you, but can he bring the kittehs? There are only four. :) Five for one - sounds like a deal!

  6. I loved looking at the hilarious photos! The captions definitely capture their personalities exactly (at least I think they do since I barely know them) and I think your sense of humor has rubbed off on your dogs!

  7. Oh gee, I just love the pictures of your dogs! They look good together! I also want a photo shoot for my dog Posh soon. Thanks for the idea!

    Ann, cardigan welsh corgis owner

  8. Hi, Ann; thanks for the note. I bet Posh is a lovely Cardi. :)


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