Thursday, March 31, 2011

Poopster Pix - Bringing Home Baby Dewi

Since Dewi's already kind of in the spotlight, thought you might like to see what crazy man looked like before he met Jon Farleigh and became crazy man. :)

We (my family) met Dewi exactly one week after we met Jon Farleigh.  Do you remember Jon Farleigh's baby photo? See Dewi's photo?

Dewi @ six weeks

How does one choose between the two? The correct answer is: One says, "I'll be taking both of those, please, with a side of poop bags." Really, how could we have taken Jon Farleigh and not Dewi? That would be like Sesame Street with Bert and not Ernie. (Sesame Street would not have been the same.) Neither would have The Chronicles of Cardigan - or my family. :)

(Necessary Serious Note: Before taking both puppies and a side of poop bags, we worked with both breeders to ensure - as best we could - compatible puppy temperaments. We also thoroughly weighed our ability to provide for -- financially and otherwise -- two dogs at once. In other words, we don't recommend snatching up two cute puppies - or even one - on a whim.)

Okay enough serious. Here are a few other Dewi poopster pics (courtesy of Judy, his wonderful breeder).


@ three months

with sissy, Tegan

Have a fuzzy puppy kind of day!


  1. What an adorable baby he was! If it weren't for the short legs, in that 3 month picture, his face looks like an Aussie with the way his ears are rising.

  2. Thanks. :) Come to think of it, he does look kinda Aussie-ish there. He's got the energy of one, too.

  3. That much cute is just almost too much to take. TOO precious!

  4. AWW, Dewi was such a cute little stinker!

  5. And Dewi is still way adorable-How old is he now? We appreciate your remarks about fully weighing the situation before swooping up two adorable puppies-thank you:-)

    And thanks for stopping by Bocci's Beefs-stop on back and become an official Follower and "like" our Facebook page, too, when you have the chance:-) We're off to add you to our blogroll!

  6. Dewi, you are irresistible! I just want to pick you up and give you a huge hug! That face is just too sweet. Baby Dewi getting a bath is one of the cutest things ever!

  7. Thanks, everyone. He's getting snuggles from all of you. ;)

    Bocci - He's 13 mos. :) I'll stop over and make sure I'm following (I do get your feed in Reader). Thanks!

  8. What great baby pictures! He is so cute!

  9. Ahhh, I die from the puppy Dewi sink shot! I say this all the time but Dewi and Jon are beautiful!


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