Monday, March 7, 2011

Training News: Tying Up Loose Ends and a Miracle Wiener

(Disclaimer: I have been dreading writing this post like dreading a bad fungus.)

So if you've read any of my previous posts related to Dewi's and my recent basic obedience class, you might know that the class had been somewhat of a struggle - namely me struggling to keep Dewi from dragging me over top of every other dog in the class (except the mastiff).  Oh and there was some trouble with boredom and treat value (nutritional and otherwise).  Oh, *who* am I kidding? The class sucked.  There; I said it.  End of post. 

I wish.

In my struggle to form coherent, useful and deeply meaningful reflections about this experience, I have decided that I will spare you that. Instead, I'm just going to summarize each week with a sentence and then it'll be done.  So here we go:

(1/3) Week One:  Dewi behaved like a juvie Cardigan delinquent and I was humiliated.

(1/10) Week Two:  I expected Dewi to behave like a juvie; therefore, he miraculously did not.

(1/17) Week Three:  In anticipation of heel work, I brought Slim Jim; I also copped an attitude.

(1/24) Week Four:  Boredom set in and Slim Jim quit; also, I was angry and needed to eat humble pie.

(1/31) Week Five:  I skipped class so I could de-dog my house with various cleaning products.

(2/7)  Week SixI got leash burn on my hand because Dewi missed seeing his peeps from Week Five.

(2/14) Week Seven:  I ordered a McDonald's cheeseburger (in the drive-thru) for Dewi's training treat (then went on an extended guilt trip).

(2/21) Graduation:  I used a cooked Oscar Mayer Hardwood Smoked Turkey wiener for treats and as a result, Dewi: rarely took his eyes off me, performed all basic commands, ignored other dogs and handlers, walked on a loose lead and received his graduation diploma.

All-natural Wonder Drug

Things learned:
  • Training should be fun (and challenging, but not boring).
  • Stepping on a dog's lead will prevent the dog from pulling in class.
  • Gently placing one's hand on a dog's back and the other through its collar will prevent the dog from jumping up on people from a sit.
  • Oscar Mayer Hardwood Smoked Turkey franks have miraculous powers.

What next?  We're taking a training class hiatus.  Next on the agenda: Sheep (later spring; stay tuned)

You ready for me, sheeps?


  1. Good Job! Sounds like you both learned a lot. The right treat can work miracles :)

  2. "All-Natural Wonder Drug"...LMAO!!!! That is all kinds of awesome.

    Congrats to Dewi on his graduation! I will be following in your footsteps soon with the Nickster.

  3. I laughed so much and so loud (with you, definitely with you and not at you) that I woke my dogs out of a sound, snoring sleep. Thanks!

  4. GO DEWI!! His devious plan worked! He knew what he wanted and he got it in the end: love, praise and a whole lotta delish food!

    (Wk. 7 is hilarious!)

  5. It's amazing about corgis and treats! I beginning to think they already come obedience trained but just don't want you to know it until they see the treats!

  6. Bogey can't wait to go 'a herdin' with Dewi and JF! Seriously, we need to get hooked up with a trainer that understands what our boys like (humans and all other dogs!) more than us! :)

  7. Ann - Yes, we think a group herd would be fun! I need to dig around and find out when Debbie McCluske's gonna be up this way again (unless I can find someone else).

  8. Thanks, everyone. :) Too bad I can't use miracle wieners for CGC testing. :(

  9. Yay Dewi! Class is SO much easier when we "get" what needs to happen. hehe


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