Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Dog Flowers in Spring

You might remember the dog in my yard that was not Jon Farleigh or Dewi. You might also remember that it was actually a Dogwood Tree and full of Dogwood flower buds.  The buds have just opened up and as promised, here are a few photos of my tree in glorious full-bloom.

And then there's this rare flowering dog:
Maybe it's a black Dahlia? No, too creepy. Black tulip? Uh uh, that's a book. Maybe a Canis Conifer? Or how about Doofus Dewianium?  Whatever it is, it's a keeper. :)
Hope you're enjoying some flowers somewhere, too!


  1. OH they look pretty when they're in full bloom!

  2. I have been digging and hauling and planting and making trips to the nursery and Home Despot and watering and hoeing and cultivating and I am sunburned and pooped. And tomorrow's Monday.

    Dogwoods have been bloming here a couple of weeks - glad we will get to enjoy the mid-atlantic spring next weekend.

  3. Very pretty dogwood! Poor Dewi...not only does he have to wear the soft cone, but he now has to charade flowers for our amusement?! For shame on us as dog parents! ;-] J/k...too cute!

  4. Your Doofus Dewianium is beautiful...where can I order one? :)
    We're enjoying our flowers but the pollen is killing me!
    Hugs and belly rubs,

  5. Beautiful sky, beautiful flowers. Especially the blue-merle-and-black-get-this-cone-off-my-head colored one.

  6. My Dad always asks, "How do you tell if it is a Dogwood Tree?" Then he answers himself..."By the bark"....Insert Laugh Here!


  7. Those flowers are beautiful!
    Yes... specially the last one!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. How absolutely gorgeous is that?! They remind me of my spring magnolia blooms. Sigh...the tree is wintering outside my window right now.

    Did I miss a post on why there is an E-collar on the wee doggie? :(

  9. Oooh, I wish we had some dogwoods in our yard. That's the one thing the landscape architect left out. :-(

    LOL at Dewi! Poor boo. He is such a sweet, yet sad little flower.

  10. Those are some gorgeous flowers... love that Dewi made the flower photo montage!

  11. Thanks, all; they are lovely to look at - including doofus.

    @Janet - It'll all be worth it when your yard looks better than your neighbor's. (Was that wrong to say?) :)

    @Ashley - Yes, it's psychological abuse. :(

    @Ms. K - I think the Doofus D. might be one of a kind, and since his male parts got pinched off last week, I, unfortunately, won't be able to propagate another...

    @Wyatt - Your dad is a comedian. :)

    @Ms. Georgia - Refer to my reply to Ms. K above. :) It's a reproductive thing.

    @Builder Mama - I had to ask for the dogwoods - seems most landscape architects don't use them round here no more. :(

  12. Oh, I definitely think that's the very rare Doofus Dewianium. Very special flower!

  13. I love dogwoods! Had a great big one when growing up which we always climbed up on.

    Dewi seems to have adjusted pretty well to the cone!


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