Thursday, May 26, 2011

Avian TV for Cats - All Birds, All the Time

For the last two weeks, this has been the scene from the windows off the back of my house. (Except usually, it's just Lulabelle; Jon Farleigh was feeling left out.)

For the third year in a row, we've had at least two breedings of these birds under our covered back porch.

They're Barn Swallows, and they just fledged (left the nest); although, they have not ventured far from home.

Hanging out on an eve off the back of the house.

Mom (or Dad?) is not far from the fledgelings.

Lulabelle will miss her Bird TV.

At least until the next breeding...


  1. Lucky for your feathered friends Lulabelle is an indoor kitty. Looks like she's hearing the call of the wild.

  2. Sure you can watch them all day long, right?
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Love the pictures! I bet the birds are glad Lulabelle is well fed!

  4. I always wonder why cats are so fascinated with birds. I mean, yes, birds are fascinating...but not THAT fascinating.

  5. The three birdies on top of your roof is so cute. They've obviously found a spot that they like. Three years in a row! I hope they're racking up reward points for their stay. ;)

    We had a bird that lived in our front porch. Mitch called him "Larry Bird". Original, I know. ;)

  6. I bet that kitty wishes she could get her nails & teefies on one of those birdies.

  7. Oh wow, both my animals would be going nuts with so much bird action. It's hard to predict who would love it more.

  8. Thanks, everyone. :) Lulabelle might be tuned in to her catly fascination with birds, but the girl isn't the brightest bulb in the fixture. Besides, if she were to get outside and harm the birds, there'd be no more indoor entertainment. No, I think she prefers being an armchair hunter. ;)

    @Lori - I like "Larry Bird". :)

    @Kristine - I can see Shiva getting into the bird action. :) Not my two. Birds are for the birds (thank goodness).


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