Monday, May 2, 2011

A Bunch of Lovely Tigger Photos (because I just feel like it)

If you must know, historically speaking (if you can count a four-month stretch as historical) and according to Blogger stats, no one (but the handful of cat people and other kind-people-who-feel-sorry-for-me-because-no-one-left-a-comment commenters) gets too excited (read: cares a rip) when I post lovely photos of my cats. (However, interestingly, the horrible, psycho-faced photos of Tigger glaring at Jon Farleigh are pretty popular. Hmm.)

Anyway, I took some nice photos of Tigger yesterday (while Jon Farleigh and Dewi were confined to their solitary area [aka: X-pen]) and I am compelled to share (even if no one looks). So if you are here and still engaged in this post, thank you and enjoy the photos.  :)

Random facts:
  • Tigger is a domestic shorthaired (DSH) tabby cat with a brown mackerel pattern. 
  • While she was still stray, my neighbor named her Tigger. I would have chosen something else.
  • Her littermates were black and white.
  • She was my late dog Molly's best friend.
  • My mediocre camera loves her and so do I. :)

I love how her penguin-esque feet are in focus, but her head isn't.

Have a great rest of your Monday!


  1. Well I liked Tigger's photos--especially the last one. I wouldn't have known to call it DSH tabby with a brown mackerel pattern but Tigger is sporting my favorite cat look.

    I once read somewhere that people get dogs for their personalities but cats for their beauty. I can't argue with the beauty part.

  2. I like Tigger pictures too! Although Tigger glaring at JF was pretty hilarious, I'll take a solo Tigger post anytime!

  3. Well I'm looking, and loved looking at the photos of Tigger, I like the last one to. pretty kitty. I like to stay on the right side of all cats ;)
    See Yea George xxx

  4. Tiger is so adorable even tho she is a kitty Kat
    Benny & Lily

  5. Thank you to the four nicest no-cat people I know. :)

  6. She's so pretty! I love the colours of her coat.

  7. Domestic shorthair tabbys are actually one of my favorite cats. I guess they are pretty common but I just like they way their faces look. Cute photos! Just because we own dogs doesn't mean we don't like kitties :)

  8. I love grey tabby cats. I've always liked them, but Toonces the Driving Cat from Saturday Night Live sealed the deal. If I have another cat after the 2 I've got now, I'd really like a tabby..

  9. Yes, I love the tabby patterns, too. Especially the ones that are so vivid - guess cause they look a little wild. :)


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