Friday, May 20, 2011

A-herding we will go, a-herding we will go...

...heigh ho, the dairy-o, a-herding we will go!
And, we'll leave the poop alone, we'll leave the poop alone...
hum, hum...

Oh, hai!
I was just sitting here thinking about the time last fall when we took Jon Farleigh for a herding instinct test. Unfortunately, we never found out whether he's got the instinct because instead of playing with the sheep, he opted for the all-you-can-eat poop buffet. It was probably the best day in his life up until that point. :)

Here we go...

Oh, wait! There's some poop.

Come on, Jon, look at those sheep!

Where are you, Jon? Oh, there you are (just past the sheep's butt).

Good boy, you can do it! Just watch the sheep...

Not her, the sheep, Jon.
"Hey nice lady, you got a treat in that pocket?"

"Hey, you, Corgi dude. You gonna chase us, or what?!"

"Hey, wait for me!"

The sheep most definitely have Jon Farleigh's number by this point...

Okay, one last attempt. This time I'm gonna try talking to the sheep (to get JF's attention).

Go get 'em, boy!  Go! Go!

"Hey, nice lady, wanna play?"

No, not a herder on his first attempt, but he did score some sweet talk and a pat on the head.  :)


Hmmm. I think it's about time we give this instinct testing another try. And not just Jon Farleigh, but Dewi, too. Yeah, I think we'll try it on Sunday. :) 
(Stay tuned.)

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  1. gasping with laughter. thanks for that.

  2. lol!!Us dogs have a habit of doing just what we like sometimes:) its to keep you peeps on your toes lol!!! I have not mastered the finer
    points of poo eating rabbits are tastie!!
    Herding well does chasing count?
    Have a good week and look forward to seeing how you get on!!!
    See Yea George xxx

  3. Funny! In a dog world, sheep poop is delicious (really any poop at all is), so you really can't blame him :-)

    Are you testing them at the CCWCC event in MD?

  4. I say sheep doo doo is heaven!

  5. Looks like he had fun, even if there isn't a herding in him waiting to burst free.

    Stopping by from the blog hop

  6. Haaaa!
    Looks like herding is not your mission in life!
    Happy weekend!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. To all - Unless the poo smells like medicine tomorrow, I'm sure some will get eaten. :(

    @Taryn - Yep, getting up at o'dark-thirty to drive to the CCWCC event in MD. :) Dewi's father (Chaos' Jack of Hearts) is doing a herding demo. I'm really excited about getting to meet him.

    @K-Koira - Nice to meet you! And, yes, herder or not, it was (and will be) fun. :)

  8. we thought you were herding the ladies. Bet that is a fun job
    Benny & Lily

  9. Awww! Maybe it'll catch on the next time! I would LOVE to try herding! The most I get to herd here, is my furry sister, Nala... and she does NOT like it one bit! teehee!

    Happy Sunday woofs & hugs,



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