Monday, June 20, 2011

An Attempt at Humility and Grace (and a shameless plea)

Oh geez, I've broken out in splotchy red hives all over my chest and neck. If you could actually see me, I think I'd hyperventilate and then throw up. But, here goes...

I am honored (and humbled) to have been recently recognized by three separate peers, on three separate occasions, as a blog/blogger of particular merit. :) Here are the particulars:

Kristine, the amazingly articulate author of the highly engaging blog, Rescued Insanity, called me a Versatile Blogger. (Secret reveal: I'm honored that she, along with many of you, even subscribes to my blog :).)

I'm supposed to now tell you seven random things about me to illustrate my versatility. Here you go:
  • Cooked spinach is a favorite vegetable.
  • I can hold my breath swimming underwater for 25+ meters.
  • I have never been without a pet.
  • My first pet as a legal adult was a "pound" cat named Buster.
  • I have terrible handwriting.
  • I liked to write plays when I was little (and forced friends and siblings to act them out, in costume).
  • I only read the ending of the last Harry Potter book,  and would do it again. :)
Now I'm supposed to name some other Versatile Bloggers, but since a few weeks ago I already did (and it included all of you), I'll just be moving on.


So then last week, Hawkeye (Hawk), the handsome and multi-talented Chesapeake Bay Retriever at Brown Dog CBR, and Oscar, the adorable and pawsome young student-Miniature Schnauzer at Oscar the Poochboth said I was inspirational.

Now that was humbling, since the only things I hope to inspire, with my blog, are a few smiles - and a laugh or two, if I'm lucky. Thanks again, Hawk and OscarBlogger, you inspire me, too!

Speaking of being inspired, I must also pass this award along to 10 other blogs. But let me tell you, there are way more than 10! But rules will be rules, so I went down my list of blog subscriptions and picked 10 blogs that have actually inspired me into action. Yep, these blogs/bloggers have had some tangible influence over me in some way, and here they are, in random order:
  • Life with The Horde - Author, Red Dog Mom, is one of the main reasons I'm still around. She, her red dogs and her sense of humor inspired me to tap into my own [sense of humor], and all I can say is, "Who knew?"
  • A Tail of Two Cardis - Author, Taryn, inspires me to be a better leader for my dogs. She is passionate about training, her dogs adore her and she makes everything look so easy!  
  • Darby's Daily - Author, Boo's Mom, makes me want to spin yarn out of my dogs' shedded hair. (Well, not exactly - although I did roll some hair into a cute ball once - but she does make me want to make pretty things - and I'm not exactly crafty.)
  • The Daily Corgi - Founder and editor, Laurie Eno, is a dog blogging phenom. Her selfless outpouring of all-things-Corgi and for-Corgis is simply unmatched in the pet blogging world. She makes me want to be a better person. You'll just have to see it to believe it.
  • CorgiPals - Author, Paige Davis, started this blog - a sister to The Daily Corgi - purely out of a desire to help Corgis (including mixes) in need. From the homeless to the infirmed, she, along with her vigilant community, is there for the dogs. How can that not be inspiring?
  • Little Dogs on Long Leashes - Georgia Little Pea and Her Typist are hilarious (and so doggone smart). How can I say this...they both inspire me to just be me (and by that I mean the me who is crude and probably offensive). They rock!
  • According to Gus - Author, Lori, is one of the best reviewers I've ever encountered. I can't wait to follow her gang - including Gus the pooch - on their travels across the U.S. If you've seen (or see) a review on my blog, it's by her example (although, I'm not nearly as good at it as she is).
  • Something Wagging this Way Comes - Author, Pamela, inspires me to put on my Thinking Cap (yes, I sometimes have to take off the Dunce Cap first). I always look forward to her insightful (and often amusing) tales about Honey, her Golden Retriever.
  • Of Pit Bulls & Patience - Author, Jenny, is a dog trainer, owner of rescues, Skye (the Pittie) and Parker (the Schnauzer mix), and a sometimes foster dog-mom. Let's see...she has the "patience of Job," a heart of gold, is funny and takes amazing photos. She inspires hope in humanity. :)
  • George The Lad - George (the Welsh Terrier) and his Mom are among the best tour guides in Great Britain. Not only are they witty, but they have a way with photographs that makes me want to sell bloody everything and move across The Pond! (Is that wrong?) 

Lastly, but definitely not the least, Oscar the Pooch's person, OscarBlogger, has kindly nominated me for one of these, in the category of Funniest Blog or Blogger:

I have to admit, I didn't know much about Dogtime's Pet Blog Awards until recently - and I would have simply accepted the nomination quietly - except that the winners each get $500 to donate to an animal shelter of choice - and well, since somtimes I'm funny - I'VE DECIDED TO BEG FOR MORE VOTES. :)  How's that for humility? :)

P.S. You can nominate as many pet blog/bloggers as you like, in any category. I have even nominated another blogger in the same category in which I've been nominated. Nominations close on June 29, 2011. Thank you.


And, thanks for being the best blog friends and readers a girl could ask for!


  1. Congratulations on your cool award!
    Benny & Lily

  2. Elizabeth:
    The Red Dogs and I are flattered to be included in your list of inspiring bloggers. I also must say that your wit and talent far exceed my own - and isn't that what we all want? To help others find their voice - even if it's a help of a lot funnier than our own? Looking forward to your post(s) following the dog show this coming weekend.... How's that for a teaser?

  3. If there's an award based on how many times your posts make me snort coffee out my nose laughing, you would definitely get the blue ribbon. I rarely get inspired enough to snort coffee out my nose (but then, being an Episcopal priest, that would become an occupational hazard) but you DO inspire me--to write better, to think more broadly and to appreciate the ability to find the humor in every aspect of life. You may feel like your blog is just a drop in the ocean of witty doggie blogs, but I for one think it's outstanding and look forward to every new post (especially when procrastinating writing a sermon). Big thanks!!

  4. Thank you! I've never thought of myself as much of a trainer so I am very flattered if it looks that way from the outside! Although I am not so sure the dogs adore me so much as they adore the training treats :-)

    I cast my vote for your blog. You definitely have the funniest blog going!

  5. I think you are a very inspirational and funny writer-you make me laugh and cry, and isn't that what all great writers are supposed to do?

  6. OMG I'm honored thank you, and congrants to you for your awards, I find your blog very funny, the things you come out with, its a pleasure to visit.
    Your have my vote for being funny :)will go and do it now
    Have a good Week
    See Yea George and Jan xxx

  7. Congratulations!! And thanks for sharing such awesome sites!

    Woofs & hugs,


  8. Great choices! :)

    PS - I'm a cooked spinach fan too.

  9. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm beyond grateful for those kind words! And it is the crude and offensive humor that keeps me coming back for more!

  10. Thanks, all. Your comments are more humbling than even being recognized in the first place. :)

    @RDM - Hmmm, I only call Dwayne when someone gets humped. What are the chances of that this weekend? :)

    @Peggy - Wow! You must write some doozies for sermons! :) (Thank you - you always make my day.)

    @Taryn - Pu-leez - Jimmy and Wilson are wrapped around your fingers. ;)

    @Liz - As long as you are crying good tears, that's okay. :)

    @George and Jan - Once day, I will get over that darn Pond!

    @Misfits - Happy to offend anytime. :)

  11. I agree with commenter Peggy -- I've snorted various beverages as a result of reading your blog! Thank you for mentioning Darby's Daily as a source of inspiration. Glenn still can't believe I would think to make felted dog hair balls. I can't wait to tell him you found it inspiring!

  12. Versatile, Inspirational, Funny. Yes, your blog certainly fits all three of these descriptions...if not more! You've got our vote for a good cause. Best of luck!

  13. BOL it's fantastic that i'm inspiring someone to be crude and offensive. that's always been a particular dream of mine and now you've made it come true! THANKS love! :) xox

  14. oh say. the pettie nomination is big. for $500?! i'm casting my vote for you, but of course :)

  15. Good luck! I hope other bloggers nominate you too - it's a great prize to win!


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