Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Photos from the 'Fruits' with Fruit Shoot

Posing with some tomato...

Jon Farleigh: "If she gives it to you first, I'll eat yours and mine; so wipe that smile off your face, will ya?"

Dewi: "I'm not as hungry as JF; why don't you give him some first?"

Dewi: "Here I come, apple!! Noms away!!!"
JF (out of view): "If you get it first, I'll snarl and then no one will get it."

Dewi: "On second thought, I might have gas; I think I'll pass (it)."

Dewi (preemptively faking irrational anger toward bananas): "Put 'em up! I said put 'em up, you slippery, yellow-bellied fruit fly magnet!"

FYI: JF always gets fed first and that's just fine by Dewi. :)

Do your dogs have a feeding order?


  1. Funny expression on Dewi's face as he regards the banana......

    My guys definitely have an order. Wilson gets his bowl set down first, then Jimmy has to go sit/down on the rug by the back door while I place his bowl on the floor. He has to wait until I release him to go to the bowl. So mean of me, but it is excellent impulse control training.
    In the meantime, Wilson has already inhaled his food in a nano-second.

  2. We actually have a 2 tiered feeding order in with the Horde. In the morning, Bogey and Georgia are the first group fed. Within their group it is Bogey first, then Georgia. Both dogs have to lie down and wait to be released before they can eat. Then the "big dogs" are fed in the following order: Ginny, Sam, Moira. Moira has to lie down and wait while I walk into the next room to set her food down and then release her.
    In the evenings, the groups are reversed with the big dogs being fed first.
    The order within the groups is determined by the pecking order in the house. As the youngest in their respective groups, Moira and Georgia always go last - with meals or treats.

  3. Dewi... you gave the look to that banana!
    I am the only furkid here in my house... and I get my meals first... then my humans!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. @Taryn - You're not a mean mom. Dewi has to wait for JF to get his bowl (not in a stay though) and he must sit down before he gets his bowl. There has to be order with the food or there'd be mayhem.

    @RDM - Oh my gosh. You probably don't think much about all that procedure since you do it every day, but man, am I IMPRESSED at your and UHM's feeding skills. :)


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