Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene, you are a wench, a tramp and another name for a girl dog!

This picture has nothing to do with this post.
It's all about the mood, friends. :)

Oh, and you suck!

This is NOT the post I had intended for today. :) I have all sorts or pictures and thoughts from BlogPaws to share, but instead, I'm dealing with a bully Irene.

While we (my family) are, thankfully, okay and our Central Virginia home sustained only minor damage during the storm on Saturday, nearly the entire Richmond metro area is still without power, cable (which for me also includes internet and land-line phone). There are massive trees down all over the place - and extensive property damage. It's just plain sad.

So today (on this borrowed, public PC), I'm simply asking you to bear with me and the blog - until our communication lines open back up (and our heads stop spinning). We're taking this day-by-day.

Oh, and if you are also affected by Irene, my thoughts go out to you...

See you all soon!


  1. We are still without power too, and Dominion hasn't made any estimate when we'll be back online. Sigh. Other than that, we lost four trees but no house damage so we are thankful! The boyzers were stuck at West Chester Luxury Hotel so they were blissfully unaware of what their hoomans were up to (we were on vacation with no phones or internet so we were blissfully unaware until we got within radio range of RIC).

  2. I'm so sorry you had to go rushing off from BlogPaws to take care of your home. We missed saying goodbye to you and your handsome gentlemen.

    Glad to hear the damage is minor. Hope the electricity is back up soon. It makes you appreciate all the "necessities" we take for granted, doesn't it?

  3. Sorry to hear she hit so hard down there. We really got nothing more than a big thunderstorm and even then it was w/o thunder. I was actually hoping we'd get more rain than we did....

  4. Oh dear--I'm sorry you got such a rough deal with Irene--what a powerful storm it was too. Hopefully you will get power, etc back on soon and life will return to [normal is just a setting on the washing machine...] what it should be.
    In Eastern NY we got the wind and rain but by the time it got here was no longer a Cat. 1. However, even the smallest creeks and brooks are rushing and overflowing like the mighty Colorado River...can't easily get out of the village because of washed out bridges and flooded roads. I'll say a prayer for your sanity and patience and hope things are back on track soon.
    Peggy Sullivan

  5. Hope your power is back on soon!g

  6. hope everything is back to normal soon
    Benny & Lily

  7. So pleased you are OK, I have made so many friends over the pond, every time I heard something bad about the weather I always think of you all, but its not until I see a post go up as yours that I know who of my blogging friends it has affected.
    Hope its a long time before another one lands
    Have a good week
    See Yea George and Jan xxx

  8. You are very dedicated to find a public computer to update your blog. :) Hope you get your power back quickly and don't have too much to repair.

  9. So sorry your power is still off ;( I hope everything is back to normal soon - can't wait to see your pictures from Blogpaws!!

  10. To everyone - Thank you so much for the kind comments and well-wishes! I'm happy to report that we are all back up-to-speed with power and communications (although many homes in my area are still without - ugh). I am all done with natural disasters (as if I have a say-so in those matters).

    @Pamela - Yes, it does put "necessities" into perspective.

    @2Brown Dawgs - Dedicated, stir-crazy, just plain crazy? Probably all true. :)

    @Peggy - Thanks for the prayers. :) Hope the rising waters have subsided in your area and that things are well.


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