Thursday, September 8, 2011

BlogPaws Lite - An Introvert's Recap, Part 3 - Where We Go Straight to the Dogs

Heads up: This part of my BlogPaws recap is full of dogs and ridiculousness. 

So I'll just cut to the chase: We hung around the door of the StumbleUpon session so we could meet these two:

Representing the Pembroke Corgi constituent: The extremely well-behaved Roxi (red) and Charlie (tri) of the blog Corgi Frap!
(The "ending" from yesterday's post belongs to Roxi.)

Their mom, Jules (besides Laurie of The Daily Corgi), is the only Pembroke blogger I've ever met in person, and she was on my "must-see" list. It was so much fun meeting her! The best part about our meeting, though, was that we formed a "perfect" mini-"Corgi Nation" (as Laurie Eno would say) in the middle of BlogPaws. Anything and everything anyone wanted to see or ask about the two Corgi breeds was right there for the seeing/asking. (And boy, did I ever do some talking about Corgis. I'll highlight some of those conversations on Friday, with my BlogPaws wrap-up.)

And now, the moment you've all been forced to wait for:

Jon Farleigh and Dewi Screen Disney's 'Spooky Buddies'

Disclosure: This is not a review of the movie; to do so, in my humble opinion, would be unfair. It's a kids' movie involving computer-enhanced talking dogs, which I generally avoid. However, I happen to live with Youngest Child, who would have been completely wonder-slapped had he been present at the screening. Additionally, since the Disney people went all-out (in their typical all-out Disney fashion) to make this a fun, entertaining evening for all of us animal-crazed bloggers (and our pets), in the eyes of Youngest Child, I wholeheartedly endorse "Spooky Buddies" as clean, kid-appropriate entertainment. If you have kids, or purchase non-essential things for someone else's kids on occasion, you might consider this soon-to-be-released (Sept. 20) DVD.

So here's what happened:

Laurie Eno twisted my arm and I agreed to attend the screening with her and my dogs (you think I was going to deny her a movie with two strapping Corgi dates)? At my suggestion, we got an end seat (facilitating quick exits). We were graced with the pleasure of meeting Yaxley (the adorable CCI trainee) and his Puppy Raiser, Donna (blogs at Raising a Super Dog).

Three things you need to know about Jon Farleigh and Dewi:
  • Corgis bark (it's part of their watchdog breeding).
  • Jon Farleigh barks at the TV.
  • Jon Farleigh's #1 mission in life is to protect me from perceived harm.
Okay, so there was this scene in the movie where there was a big, scary owl in a tree, and then suddenly, without warning, it flew toward....

Jon Farleigh: BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK!
(Translation: FIRE! INCOMIiiiiiiiinnnNG! YOU WILL DIE, BIRD!!!!!)

All other barky dogs in attendance: BARK! BARK! BARK!
(Translation: We don't know what the heck we're barking at, but there must be trouble!)

Me to Laurie: I told you so.

Then, I ducked in shame and hustled the dogs out the back door.

We tried to come back in a few times (read: I hovered nervously in the back), but by then, the dogs were so worked up that they were barking at shadows. :(

Then a ray of light figuratively shown from the sky, and I said (not really):
"Screw this! You two Bozos are going to the Dog Park!!"

And we did. (Go to the Dog Park [petsitting area].) Much to my relief, there were only four other dogs there (three of whom were quiet and tiny and were not interested in my two Bozos).  JF and Dewi, however, immediately hit it off with a lovely Labradane (I think - please don't hate me if I messed up her breed).

Dewi and his new friend exchange pleasantries.

(Note: This was the one time at BlogPaws when I considered calling "Dwayne" for his sensational reporting skills. He was, unfortunately however, on another ass-ignment.)

And then I left them there and it all ended happily ever after.

Well, not really (but I am about to wrap this up). I actually went back into the screening, watched the last 10 minutes of the movie (which included - SPOILER ALERT - a farting dog!) and then I got to see a live interview with the director, meet one of the puppy stars of the movie, B-Dawg, and enter a drawing for a chance to win an Irish Wolfhound-sized plush Spooky Buddies puppy! (I didn't win that, but WOO HOO!)

The view from my seat. And, oh yeah, I sort of had already met the director, Robert Vince (man wearing the tie), out in the lobby, when Jon Farleigh's and Dewi's leashes got tangled around my legs and I nearly fell on him. 

And, by the way (I kid you not - for real), when the director was asked what his favorite part about the screening was, know what he said??? It was the part when the dogs in the audience (appropriately) BARKED AT THE OWL!
(And this was the point during which I was overcome with guilt for leaving the dogs at the Dog Park.)

For a glimpse into the rest of the night, go HERE.

Hope you come back tomorrow for my BlogPaws wrap-up! (The end is near!)


  1. I knew I had seen that little booty somewhere! ;)

    And don't let them hear you say these two are well behaved! It will go to their heads LOL!

    It was so much fun creating a tiny corgi universe with you at blogpaws. It was a nice time just chilling on the floor.

  2. Does Dewi even notice the TV (movie) screen? Jimmy is like JF, very aware of the TV down to the level of recognizing cartoon animals, but Wilson notices neither the picture nor the sounds, well, except for doorbells. A TV doorbell fools both my idiots ;-)

  3. My dog Cali would never make it through a dog movie - she barks at any dog she sees on television (even cartoon dogs!) I would have loved to have seen Corgi nation :)

  4. What a fun time meeting you and your adorable dogs. Thanks for the link to my humble puppy raising blog! Yaxley met the black dog in your pet park photo. In my usual fashion, I got the dog's name (Stella), but missed getting the owner's. Stella is a rescue of undetermined breed, but I bet you're on the mark with labradane. Looking forward to running into you guys again if we all can make it next year.

  5. @Jules - Yes, the vire from the floor was pretty nice. :)

    @Taryn - Dewi doesn't react to the TV at all, not even doorbells. :) But if JF reacts to it, Dewi many times will follow suit (has no idea why he's barking). Funny that Wilson gets bothered by doorbells. :)

    @Julie - JF reacts to cartoons, too. :)

    @Donna - Thanks for Stella's name (I had forgotten it, but remembered she was a girl). She was so sweet!

  6. @Jules - I bet you're wondering what the heck a "vire" is?! I meant to type "view" (sheesh).

  7. You guys totally were a Corgi Nation! :)

    Don't feel bad - JF & Dewi weren't the only barkers in attendance... I was near some pooches who had the same idea at many points throughout the movie. :)

  8. Honey didn't even like the movie enough to bark at it. I think she was indignant about the movie being dubbed instead of featuring barks with subtitles.

    Isn't it nice to be in a place where having your dog bark is seen as cute instead of rude? I thought it was cute!

  9. I wish I had been there to see all the dogs barking at the


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