Friday, September 2, 2011

Strange Bedfellows

Due to something called life (kids' birthdays, back-to-school, etc.), I am pulling a Ryan Seacrest (on that "Idol" show) and withholding Part 2 of my introverted BlogPaws recap until after the break (which, because of Labor Day on Monday, will be three more long days). However, contrary to what you might be thinking, this is not a sneaky marketing ploy of mine to keep you glued to my blog with bated breath. Nope. I would only intentionally make you wait one day, not three. :) (Sorry, exhaustion makes me punchy.) :)

So anyway, while you wait three more long days for Part 2, enjoy the photos of Dewi and Eva trying to take a nap (at the same time) on my bed. This is the closest they have ever been to each other peacefully (I say that loosely because Dewi is afraid of Eva and is simply too chicken to go past her so he can get down).

Dewi: Maybe if I stare at it long enough, it will go away.

Eva: What a moron.

Hope you all have a restful and peaceful weekend!


  1. BOL, "Its" not going anywhere
    Benny & Lily

  2. Love this! I'm 1,000% positive you correctly read Eva's mind.

  3. Eva wouldn't stand a chance in my house! Jimmy would take her out, claws and all!

  4. You just know Eva did that on purpose so Dewi wouldn't be able to get down! Lol

  5. Thanks for the laugh! Good way to start the weekend! Things are tough so we're going shopping!

  6. The captions are just perfect. :)

  7. It looks like Dewi is getting braver. Eva better watch out or soon he'll be making her back off the bed.

    What personalities you live with!

  8. You've won an award ;-D Stop by Talking Dogs to pick it up!

  9. Somehow I have a feeling Eva is NOT going to be moving any time soon!

  10. Thanks for the comments, everyone. :) Eva's actually a sweet girl, but is not afraid to slap immature Corgis into shape. :) Both dogs have a healthy respect for her (but zero respect for the other two cats).

    @Taryn - You have not seen Eva in action. Jimmy would have his work cut out for him. :)


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