Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This just in: Black Fur Wins the Award for Versatality

A few weeks ago, Kim, the person at the lovely and passionate blog, CindyLu's Muse, graciously tapped my blog for one of these "awards" (pictured at left) - except not with the word "Dogger" on it. :) (I edited this one a bit. :) Anyway, to show my appreciation to Kim and to honor her wonderful little (black) dog CindyLu(Hoo), and all the other black pets who are waiting for their forever homes today, I hereby dedicate the "award" to black-furred dogs* everywhere.

 19+ Reasons to Love Black Fur

Created at wordle.net
Hint: See the "dog" in the "word cloud"? Yeah, I know, but it's a cloud, not fine art, okay? :)

According to the two online interior decorating and fashion articles I checked, BLACK IS COOL - plus the other 19 adjectives you can see in the image above. See the "versatile" tail? The "beautiful" and "anchoring" face? The "calming" ears? (And the "harmonizing" heart?)

But Don't Just Take My Word for It

Check out these fine examples (who happen to be available for immediate adoption in Richmond, VA):

Bella - Who puts the 'B' in "Beautiful"

Erick - Can you say "sexy"?

Kingston - Just oozes hunky sophistication

Rock - A "seasoned" fella at 7+ yrs. - Pure class!

And Smokey - Missing a front leg due to an injury makes him bold and interesting
(and apparently, a snuggler and couch accessory). :)

Black is Good

Friends and readers, obviously I've tried to inject some lightheartedness into what could be an otherwise heart-wrenching reality here. I also know that few who read this are in a position to go out and save a black shelter animal this week. That's okay. But if you are looking to adopt a shelter animal, or you know someone who might be one day, will you remember (and share) this?

After my previous post about black pets being less-adoptable, some questions and speculation arose (in comments) as to why that might be. Since then I have found some compelling reasoning at the Lucky Dog Rescue Blog. It's worth a read - if you have a couple minutes. :)

*So, what about the black cats?

Don't worry; I've got another "stellar award" coming for them later...


  1. Brilliant way to accept your well-deserved award. :)

  2. Yay! Click click click for continued focus on this issue, and on shelter animals in general. And those pictures you have posted are fine representatives of the lusciousness of black-furred beasties. Keep it up!

  3. Everything goes with black! What an elegant reminder.

  4. Thanks, everyone. I certainly hope it helps - even just one animal, one day. :)

  5. We love our black kitty friend Nestle. Black cats rule!

    the 2 (brown) dawgs

  6. Great post. Really innovative way to blog the less-adoptable pets week. Kudos on your award. Well deserved.

  7. @2 Brown Dawgs - Yay Nestle! (Need dark chocolate now.)

    @Leslie - Thank you. :)

  8. I can't believe I missed this - and especially because you gave me a heads-up! Bad, bad, bad Kim!! ;) This is an awesome post, and about one of my (and CindyLu's) favorite, favorite subjects! You rock!!


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