Thursday, November 17, 2011

This Video of Dewi is Unspectacular, Except that He Speaks Wookiee

It's true. The footage is unedited, the bed is unmade and if you zoom in too far, you'll get dog hair in your eyes. :)

But if you'd like to see why I am 99.99% sure George Lucas once owned (or spent time with) a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, go ahead and take a look.

By the way, Wookiees are loud; be familiar with the location of your volume control.

See no video? Click here.

He does this every single time he gets a back scratch. He also does it first thing in the morning for no reason, and at random times throughout the day. 

 What kind of weird noises does your dog make?


  1. Might have posted a DEPENDS warning for that one! Dewi is too funny. I noticed JF did not chime in which is almost as funny as Dewi's Wookie audition. Mine doesn't do that but he WAS listening intently and cocking his head, so obviously it's Welsh Wookie.

  2. He is THIS close to talking. Next thing you know he'll be answering the phone.

  3. Hahaha Luke makes those same noises!

  4. Haha that is too funny. Sometimes the 2 brown dawgs will yawn super loud, but they sound nothing like that. :)

  5. OMD That's a riot! What a crazy little guy. Bella makes a lot of noises but they're usually more complaint than compliment. ;)

  6. Bobby the blue merle exhibits similar behavior. I call them Wookie noises too.

  7. BOL i think this vid is SPECTACULAR! i love the noises he's making and he's obviously really REALLY enjoying his back scratch. i'm feeling all itchy just looking at him.

  8. Whatever Dewi was saying, Jimmy found it VERY upsetting!

    It's definitely a Cardigan thing, as my guys make lots of odd noises as well, but Dewi takes it to a whole new level! And, we, too, have on occasion, have called them Wookiee noises. Star Wars has certainly influenced many of us!

  9. My Robin does the exact same thing!

  10. Too cute! We get a little bit of that around here too, and lots of Woo-Woos!

  11. Very close to the noises Pallo makes when doing his "weasel dance" (which is so named for being extremely similar to the jumping around dance ferrets do when playing).

  12. that was so funny! desmond's here next to me at the moment and he didn't even realize that was a dog making those noises--and he always responds to dogs on tv. LOL.

    desmond's weird noise of choice is pterodactyl. or what we think a pterodactyl would sound like. :-)

  13. Okay, y'all. Remember this post? Well, here I am finally replying to your comments! :) Thanks for leaving them. :)

    First, Jon Farleigh doesn't do this, nor does he pay any attention to Dewi when Dewi does it. Ever. But Dewi cracks my house up.

    @Jane, Claire, Taryn, Lucy, 24 Paws, K-Koira - I hope you get as much enjoyment out of yours as I do mine.

    @Lauren - Pterodactyl? Flying, screeching dinosaur? You need to get that on tape. :)

    @Laurie and Pamela - I wish I could translate. :)


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