Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is Stanton the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Your Next Heart Dog?

Hi, I'm Stanton. They told me to look for the one who needs a
 heart-warmer and a smile-maker. Is it you?

I don't know why I was supposed to see Stanton's face on Petfinder today. But in case he was born to steal YOUR heart, who am I to deny my duty as matchmaker? ;)

Because many of you are not Cardigan Welsh Corgi owners and have never actively searched for one to call your own, let me preface:


That is why I don't have one (a rescue). So if you live within 200 miles of the Atlanta, GA area, and think Stanton might be the next love of your life, DON'T HESITATE TO INQUIRE (THROUGH PETFINDER) ABOUT HIM!

Okay. Want to know a little more about this incredibly handsome gentleman?

One Genuine Cardigan Welsh Corgi Hunk

Stanton is a distinguished 11-year-old boy, who, through circumstances beyond his control, and with the help of the wonderful people of Corgis & friends of Walmarsh, including his doting foster family, is patiently waiting to meet his next forever family. 

NoteStanton can only be placed within 200 miles of Atlanta, GA.

I contacted the rescue about him today (to make sure he hadn't already been placed) and this is the glowing report I got:

"He is a sweetheart and had adapted beautifully to [his foster] home. He absolutely adores her 16 yr old son and helps him do his homework at night.  He is showing his age a bit but does have several sudden energy bursts at least once a day to play with [his teenage friend].  He is fully vetted, we had Senior Blood Panel done this week (results to follow) and also appears to be losing his vision at nite.  Everyone can love a puppy- my favorites are the Seniors.

Stanton does well with other dogs, [his foster family's] resident cat and loves spending time outside in her backyard.  I would be most appreciative if you might steer qualified families our way. We are in no hurry to place and want what is best for this boy."


If you think this sweet boy might be your next dog, please contact the rescue at the email address provided on Petfinder.

Know people in the Atlanta area? Will you help Stanton's new family find him (and share his story)?

P.S. To my friends who have already shared Stanton's information on Facebook and Twitter, THANK YOU!


  1. Oh what a good looking dude! I'm not ready for an addition but it was nice reading about him.

  2. Someday maybe a Corgi in the house....I hope that Stanton finds his furever home ASAP!

  3. Frig!! Why can't he within 200 miles of ME!

  4. What a dignified sir of a corgi !

  5. He sure is handsome. Hope he finds a home.

  6. Stanton is so handsome ... I sure hope he finds the perfect home! So fortunate that he is in such excellent hands in the meantime. Not all pups are so lucky!

    1. Tucker - You're right, Stanton is lucky to have such a great foster home. He just got diagnosed with retinal atrophy so he's going to need it.


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