Monday, May 14, 2012

The Dogs' Night Out as Professional Soccer Spectators

On Saturday night, Jon Farleigh and Dewi accompanied my family and me to our first-ever professional soccer game. Called Paws on the Pitch, it was the annual Richmond SPCA night at our hometown Richmond Kickers

What a fun event! And although the dogs sat in two different rows (I sat with Dewi in the row directly behind JF and the rest of my family - to prevent a repeat of last year's "Snark in the Park"), I believe I speak for both the bipeds and quadrupeds in attendance. 

But then, there was that one unfortunate incident when I was taking a picture and a certain wayward Cardigan Welsh Corgi head rammed into my hand, sending my lovely Nikon s9100 (powered on with lens fully extended) into the air where it did a full somersault before crash landing on the pavement. 

The lens is now permanently in full extended position.  

And, by the way, I will be using my old, inferior Olympus until such time that Nikon can repair the damage for less money than I could go out and buy a new camera, or I go out and buy a new camera. Crap.

But back to the dogs: The stands were adorned with them - large and small, young and old, all different varieties. So much fun to watch, I must confess, that I barely even watched the soccer game. :)

So, would you like to see a few of them? 

Okay, here you go!

Anyone want to guess what kind of cross this is?

Oh wait! That's not a dog! (Silly me.) It's actually a Virginia opossum (a tame one at that) that was visiting from a new wildlife rehabilitation center that's opening soon in my area. This docile guy was just hanging out in his rehabilitator's lap.
(Note: The opossum was not in the stands; it was with its handler in a vendor booth, safely observing the crowd action from a distance.)

Okay, now for the REAL dogs.

The last shot I got before my camera literally crashed. [sigh]

Proof that we were actually at a soccer game...

...With Jon Farleigh...

...And Dewi. ;)

JF loves his dad person. :)

He also loves his mom person.
"I can see you up there, you know."

Did you know corgis can fit under bleachers?
(I wound up helping him up during the second half. He was a good boy, too.)

Psst. Hey, it's me.

Aww. Dewi loves his dad person, too. :)

The End!


  1. You guys are at the game! Hope you had a hot dog
    Benny & Lily

  2. There is no way I could take Ben to a soccer game (although back in the day, he was a very good spectator soccer dog). But these days, he loves his soccer so much he'd want to play sweeper.

  3. Such cute pictures - looks like a fun evening (except for the camera thing :( ugh, nothing worse than dropping the expensive camera - I hope they can fix it! My hubby had his on tripod and in fell over with the camera and lens crashing to the ground, but they were able to fix it!!)

  4. Loved this! (except for the camera bomb....)

  5. First, I can't believe someone would bring a possum to a dog night. That's a disaster waiting to happen......But....believe it or not, growing up, we had a "pet" possum. My mom found it injured on the side of the road and couldn't just leave it there. She tossed it in the car and brought it home. It recovered, blind in one eye. I wouldn't say it was truly tame, but it adjusted to us and the free food. We would carry it around by it's scaly little possum tail. They have extremely sharp teeth and when it would misjudge taking food from your hand, watch out! Ah, the weird things from a childhood in the country.....

  6. Oh, yeah, and sorry about your camera. That does stink!

  7. What a fun event. I wish the local minor league baseball teams would have pet-friendly nights.

    Of course how do you decide between watching the cute young men in shorts and the cute young men in short legs?


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