Thursday, May 24, 2012

Doo-dads, Tid-bits and Turkeys

I thought I'd just tie up some loose previous-blog-post-ends today...

But first, does anyone remember Doo-dads and Tid-bits? (I ate them as a kid in the 70s.)

Nabisco - Doo Dads snack mix box - 1976

Nabisco Cheese Tid-Bit

It was like one minute they were in the grocery store and then the next they were gone (and I somehow had three kids and a mortgage - WTFudge?). Speaking of crackers, I really miss Cheez-its. : (
(Update on 5/25, because some have inquired: I miss Cheez-its because I broke up with them on April 9 so I could fit back in my summer wardrobe. It's tragic.)

Let's see...what else...

Oh, yes, BIRDS!

Well, I told you about all the many nesting songbirds in my yard, and that the baby Mockingbirds unfortunately got eaten. :( I don't believe I've mentioned, though, that the House Finch eggs (4) hatched in their nest (that was in the wreath on my front door), but about a week later, the mom knocked all four of them out of the nest on purpose and they didn't make it. (Do you realize what a miracle it is that there are any birds flying around in the sky at all, friends?)

But then, there are the BARN SWALLOWS! A beautiful and lively little bird. We have three nesting pairs and not a one of them (including babies) have met an untimely demise (yay)!

I took these photos for you a couple hours ago.

Do you see four sets of eyeballs, too? :) This nest, along with one other, is attached (with mud) to a wall under my covered back porch.  These babies are almost ready to fly. (BTW, this is our third spring hosting multiple barn swallow broods.)

Here are mom and dad keeping a close eye on me. About a minute later I got dive-bombed by two other pairs.

Not a good quality photo, but if you enlarge this, you can see the forked tail  of one of the birds (far left). The barn swallow has the deepest forked tail of any swallow species.

I'm really bummed about the quality of these photos, but you might recall that my Nikon s9100 with the awesome zoom lens (among other things) got smashed when we took the dogs to the professional soccer game. Yeah, so the camera is currently at the Nikon factory hospital waiting for surgery. And, even though it's uninsured (who knew accidental smashing on concrete was a pre-existing condition?), the cost for surgery and transportation (to and from the hospital) is only half of what I'd spend to get a brand new model (not sarcasm, gratefulness!). ;) 

Anyway, I just wanted you to know the status of the blog photography...and that these recent photos I got of some turkeys aren't really that great either.

Jive Turkey #1
(Oh wait, no one says "jive turkey" anymore! That went out with my Doo-dads in the 70s.)

I like to eat turkey and I am what I eat. 

Actual wild turkey running through my front yard (a couple weeks ago)!

So, I think that about does it for the loose ends.

P.S. Mashed pumpkin is good for loose ends (aka Hersheys).

;-) (wink)

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  1. We love all those birdies. Oh my word! Tidbits
    Benny & Lily

  2. Yeah, what happened to Tidbits? They were good snackin' stuff! Speaking of, you've got quite a few tidbits of info here ;)Not cool about the camera (Get well soon, Nikon!), really cool about the birds, and super cool about the wild turkey. That's one bird I'm sure we'd never see in the yard here!

  3. Why do you miss Cheez-its? Are they gone too?? I used to love Cheese Nips . .back when I used to eat yummy stuff like that ;) Hope you get your camera back soon - but the boys are cute, no matter what you use to photograph them :)

  4. Why do you say you miss Cheez-its? They definitely are flourishing here in the Midwest. We have regular, large, at least four different individual flavors, two boxes of two flavors (duos), and as part of a Cheez-it Sanck Mix.
    If you want some, holler and I'll send you a couple of boxes.
    Pat Hammond
    Sioux City, IA

  5. Sad shame about the camera. I have a habit now of ALWAYS using the neck strap on mine because of a constant fear of a similar thing happening to mine. Hopefully they get it back to you soon, good as new!

    1. your mind is a scary place to be sometimes. they way you think. it is hilarious.
      thanks for the send off into Memorial Day!

  6. I vaguely remember Doo Dads and Tid Bits being in my grandma's cupboards when I was little!

    I break out in hives at just the thought of something happening to my camera! I hope you get yours back soon!


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