Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ruminations of a Herding Dog Who Misses His BFF

As I mentioned at the end of Monday's post, because Jon Farleigh was at the vet/doggie spa getting his yearly whole-body inspection and summer make-over, Dewi and I spent most of the day alone together. It was enlightening. 

Almost right away I noticed something wasn't quite right with him. Not that he was depressed or wandering around the house looking for his missing canine companion, but that his attention span toward the usual "fun" activities was significantly reduced. 

In other words, I think he was bored (and possibly in "deep" doggie thought).
Note: Deep is a relative term.

BUT, because he is a herding breed, and a particularly high energy specimen at that, Dewi did not sulk or use pitiful body language (think Eeyore) to give his angst (over missing his brother) away. In fact...well...why don't you see for yourself how the day played out.

(I sense something is not right, but I can't put my paw on it.)
"I would very much like to fetch this here rope. Now."

5 minutes later...

(This is not fun without JF trying to steal the rope from me.)
"I'm tired of this game and will no longer fetch for you."

[Follows me into the office where he gets a brand new chewy.]

Dewi: "Munch. munch. munch."

5 minutes later...

(Chewies are no fun when JF isn't here to steal them from me.)
"Mom, I think it would be fun if we played fetch again. I'll just stand here and  look at you
until you throw the rope."

(I wonder where Jon Farleigh is?)
"I'm waiting."

(I wonder if Jon Farleigh will be back by the time I get over there?)
"I'm coming!"

(This day is taking forever. I wonder if Jon Farleigh is outside?)
"I'm tired of this game and would like to go outside."

[Follows me back into the office, sits on my feet and looks up at me with his "I need to go outside" expression.]

After 10 minutes of fetching outside...

Dewi: (I wonder if Jon Farleigh is inside?) "Okay, mom, I'm ready to go back in."

20 seconds after eating a snack in the kitchen...

(I wonder whether Jon Farleigh will hear me in here and come running?)
"Hi, mom, it's me. I'd like to play with the rope again. Now, please."

(I need to scream so Jon Farleigh will hear me.)
"I said NOW, mom! Throw it now!"

(Jon Farleigh always tugs; maybe if I tug, he'll show up.)
"PSYCH! You lose!"

20 seconds later...

(I don't want to be an only dog.)

5 seconds later...

(I think I've been looking for him in all the wrong places.)
"Mom, I'll see you later, okay?"

[Eerie silence. Then me discovering Dewi at the bottom of the stairs, looking up.]

Tigger: "I miss that dang red dog."

I think having only one Cardigan Corgi would be too tiring :)

Anyone else have a dog that "ruminates" like Dewi (when he's not used to being the only dog)?


  1. Last night I took Jimmy to agility class. John and Wilson stayed home. We got back home a couple of hours later and Jimmy ran in the house all "neener, neener, neener, I've been at agility class and you haven't!" But the house was quiet and the house was John, no Wilson. Jimmy ran upstairs to look for them there...nope, not there....poked his nose into the stairwell for the basement....sniff, sniff....nope, not down there either. He came back to me in the kitchen, looked me in the eye, and then threw himself on the floor with a loud sigh. He continued to sulk and sigh until John and Wilson appeared at the back door several minutes later.

    So, yeah, Jimmy definitely knows/misses his bro!

  2. Mine here just aren't bonded like that (keep in mind, CindyLu is Diva Central), but I wish they were. Bet you got a ton done! LOL Like little kids, siblings. Amazing sometimes, huh?!

  3. Ha ha - I love all of these photos! I hope Dewi has his playmate back and you can take a break :)

  4. Kolchak is at completely loose ends when Felix goes to the groomer. He actually wanders the house looking lost and desolate. He'll eat a chewy, but with lackluster enthusiasm. I actually worry about how co-dependant these two are. I've never had dogs so bonded before.

  5. I have quite a case of the giggles now! Your pictures are cracking me up! I wonder what Dewi did when JF finally got back...

  6. Those expressions are hilarious
    Benny & Lily

  7. Well, right now my little brother annoys me. I thought I was going to be an 'only doggie' but my humans adopted this little guy a month ago. We went from tolerating each other to maybe liking each other a little... I think with time, we'll become good buds :)

  8. Since Honey's an only dog, we don't usually have this issue. But when we took our foster puppy Buster back to the SPCA to be adopted, Honey was definitely sad the next day. I don't know who was worse--Honey or my husband.

    Better not tell JF how much everyone missed him. He'll get a big head.

  9. LOL corgis must be deceiving with their perpetual smiles... :) It definitely helps when they have someone to play with!


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