Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The #1 Reason Why I Recommend the Book 'Dogzilla'

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#1 (From Wikipedia):
"Dogzilla is a children's picture book created by Dav Pilkey that parodies Godzilla with a Cardigan Welsh Corgi." 

(It's a Cardigan Welsh Corgi!!!)

Plot Summary (per the publisher):
“It’s time for Mousopolis’s First Annual Barbecue Cook-Off. But just when the fun is about to begin, the irresistible aroma of barbecue sauce awakens the most frightening creature known to mousekind: the dreaded Dogzilla. As her horrible doggy breath fills the streets, the residents of Mousopolis must run for their lives. Can they get rid of that big stinky dog before it’s too late?”

Editor's trivia:
I purchased this book at Youngest Child's school book fair several months before Jon Farleigh and Dewi were even born. In fact, this book is one of the reasons why we even crossed paths with Jon Farleigh and Dewi. I think had I not been so thoroughly infatuated with the dog on the cover (and through the pages), we might have waited a while longer before setting out to find a puppy. Can you imagine?! I'm not sure the world would be the same! ;)

And you know what else? This book clearly proves that I'm not the only one who sees the hilarity in these dogs and is compelled to make up ridiculous stories about them. It's just that Dav Pilkey (who also happens to be the author of the popular children's book series Captain Underpants) is getting paid for it (and, well, he's brilliant). :)

Okay, so I don't expect anyone to run out and buy this children's picture book anytime soon, but because I really do think you'd enjoy at least a peek inside, I've got a treat for you: The video version! 

And for those who are curious about who the animal actors are and how the author managed to get all these incredible shots, it's all right here on his website.

P.S. For the cat people, Dav Pilkey also wrote Kat Kong, a parody of King Kong, starring his cat, Blueberry. 


  1. So cool, those are some great shots
    Benny & Lily

  2. Too cute! My sis has a cardigan corgi so I'll have to order this for her!

  3. I love that book! We have it in our school library where I work! :P He also has one called The Hallo-Weiner that is also quite funny! It's not a Corgi, but still amusing. ;) I can clearly see why you'd love Dogzilla, though!

  4. Awesome video. What a hilarious man he must be. I am definitely checking out Kat Kong the first chance I get!

  5. I saw that book shortly after we adopted our Rescue Cardi, Sir Winston Piccolo (pics on my blog - http://www.costumesandacorgi.blogspot.com/) and nearly died of happiness. I also not give the book to the parents of any toddlers I know, though I will give Kat Kong if they're exclusively cat people :-)


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