Friday, June 15, 2012

Kitten Fostering Rocks! But I Don't Like Paw Popsicles.

In case anyone is wondering, yes, this is the tell-all that I've promised twice now.

But, since I've pretty much already told you everything about my fostering experience so far, like...

I love my foster kittens.
Foster kittens are small, soft and cuddly.
They live in my bathroom.
My ankles have some kitten claw nicks.
Kittens run and leap and wrestle and climb and play with balls.
Kittens eat many meals, and poop...a lot.
Sometimes they cover up their poop and sometimes not.

Oh, and sometimes they make popsicles (even though I have told them not to, because they never eat them, but the dogs try to) and it makes a big mess on the floor.

Ever heard of a paw popsicle?

Well here, let me show you what I mean:
These are the ingredients. You might remember I've posted about Hershey before.

And this is what makes it a "paw" popsicle. Between all the kittens, there are six "sticks."
Usually, though, the kittens only make one popsicle each.

This is actually a Good Humor Chocolate Eclair Ice Cream Bar.
Paw popsicles look exactly like this, but are inverted and attached to the bottom of
a kitten's hind paw.
Jon Farleigh and Dewi would probably think they taste better than a Good Humor bar.
It's good to use good humor when cleaning up paw popsicle messes. 

Of course, it's also good to use good humor when you're standing outside in the cold rain and your puppy refuses to get his butt fur wet long enough to poop.

I don't do rain poops.

Thankfully, as they get better coordinated in their hind quarters, kittens lose interest in making paw popsicles. Some dogs, on the other hand, still don't care much for pooping in the rain. (But I love the fluff ball dearly anyway!)

So, in summary: Popsicles happen. Love foster kittens anyway! :-)

Have a sweet weekend!

P.S. I'm taking a Monday vacay, so blog posting will resume next Tuesday.


  1. You've pretty much ruined Good Humor bars for me! *gag* But I am glad you've had so much fun with the foster kittens!

  2. Chronicles of Cardigan Rocks! But I Don't Like Paw Popsicles either. And now, I don't even like Good Humor bars.

    BTW, when I lose the next 20 pounds, I'll think of you with gratitude. :)

  3. LOL - but I may never eat an Eclair ever again. :)

    We used to call them "Poopsickles". (Especially since the dogs seem most attracted to them in the winter when they were frozen and, presumably, crunchy. Ewww. :]


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