Friday, June 22, 2012

Raindrops on Roses and Two-Whiskered Kittens

Hey y'all, it's me, Patrick.

Foster mom says that since my brother Bob's gotta be packin' 2 pounds by now that it won't be long before we are swooped up and taken home by some happy peeps who need adorable kittens (exactly like Bob, Sandy and me) to love on forever, even when we get big and develop tuna breath. 

Mom also says that I'll be going to see some nice people in coats who will take my peanuts and donate them to some needy squirrels. I think those squirrels are pretty lucky.

But anyway, the actual, real-live reason I need to talk to you is because (in case you are thinking of swooping me up and loving on me forever), well...

I only have two whole whiskers next to my nose. 

All the other ones got broke.

And well, the song says that some of y'all peeps' favorite things are whiskers on kittens, NOT two-whiskered kittens. In my humble opinion, however, I would not ever hold plain old whiskers in higher regard than the whole kitten. I mean, if you think about it, a pile of kitten-less whiskers is just gross, and should go straight in the garbage can.

Hopefully, you can see from my self-portrait (above), that I am perfectly adorable even with only two whole whiskers. Besides, the others will grow back soon. 

Do we even really need to have this convo?

Okay, that'll be all then. Thanks for hearing me out.

And one more thing:

Foster mom says, "Have a wonderful weekend full of your favorite things!"


  1. It doesn't matter to us how many whiskers you have, you are adorable!

    Happy homes await!

    Tom and mom xx

  2. Wow - you are so right. Never thought about that line in the song before. Whiskers sans kittens is kind of a weird thing to have on your 'favorites' list!

    Anyway, you are super adorable and I'd like to smooch your two-whiskered nose. (But then I would probably sneeze on you. Sorry.)

  3. I would have never noticed your whisker "problem" you are too cute!!


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