Friday, June 8, 2012

A Rhyming Kitten-Fostering Tell-All (The Sleep Aid Edition)

Caution: May cause drowsiness. Avoid operating heavy machinery while reading this post.

Not the tell-all I had planned for today (because today didn't go as planned - dang plans), but since I did shamelessly drop a tell-all teaser at the end of yesterday's post, I am going to deliver. But because I am bleary eyed and hopelessly incapable of writing a simple post, like normal bloggers do, I've decided to make everything I list rhyme with "all." (Why not?)

I will also be adding a few cute pictures to distract you from all the rhyming words. Starting...NOW:

My foster kittens play with balls.

They also have claws.
This one might be a south paw.

My foster kittens sometimes fall (off of things - but they don't mind).
But they almost never come when called.

You talkin' to me?

If I don't keep the fur on their faces and butts clean, their hair will fall out and they'd be bald (in patches, but it would grow back eventually).
Kittens are small (especially teeny Bob, but he's getting bigger).

If I don't wear long pants, my ankles often get mauled (kittens have to be taught when not to use claws).
I've decided not to show you a picture of my nicked ankles because you might be appalled.
So I'll just show you a sleepy puffball.

And that is all.

It's the weekend; have a ball!

P.S. I fully intend to post the "real" tell-all next week. I will, I will! :)

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  1. I love the sleepy kitty in the background with his head on the water bowl - they are all so cute :)


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