Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why Agreeing to Pay Google to Store My (Excessive) Blog Images Was a Wise Decision

Disclosure: I had some trouble deciding what to title this post, and because I find writing blog post titles so enjoyable (really, I do; can't you tell?), I've decided to go ahead and list a few of today's "honorable" almost-a-title mentions. (Of course, by that last sentence I mean that I have spent the last several days wasting time thinking up one brilliant title after another and, therefore, have had precious little time to think of anything else. ahem.)

So in case you've forgotten, the title of this post is:
Why Agreeing to Pay Google to Store My (Excessive) Blog Images Was a Wise Decision 

And here are a few "honorable" mentions: 

Dearly Beloved, We Are Gathered Here Today to Remember My (un-backed-up and deceased) Hard Drive

An Entire Photo Directory (and your not-printed holiday card address list...blah blah) Is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

Been Told Your Dead Hard Drive Took All Your Files to the Grave? Don't Buy It! For the Bargain Price of an Arm and HALF a Leg, Our Skilled Clairvoyants Engineers Can (probably) Get It to Give Up Its Ghost! 

126 Compelling Reasons Why Using a Steno Pad-Sized Mini Laptop (as your back-up blogging tool) Is Inefficient (and will make you cranky)

For $100 and a Free Spin: What are R S T L N and E? The Letters That Stick on My Mini Laptop's Keyboard!

Said My Hard Drive..."I've Shut Down and I Can't Boot Up!"

Said My Hard Drive to Me..."This Might Hurt (you) a Little (bwahahaha!)"

(P.S. I dare you to say that out loud and not crack a smile.)

and finally,

Dear God, The Dogs Might Have Mistaken the Canada Goose Poop for Manna from Heaven. Please Advise.

[*#%&8#...oops. is my mic still on?]


And now, a message from one of our sponsors:

Be sure to tune in next time when she might actually remember to include a post with her title.

Note: The image of Jon Farleigh (plus editing) is brought to you today by the $5/year Google+ image storage plan. (Now, if only I had proactively organized those 1,500+ images.)



  1. OK i'm to find out how to sign up...thanks for the warning!

  2. Oh man, I am really, really sorry. I just bought a 2T external hard-drive as a back-up but am thinking maybe it's wise to buy another? I would be devastated if I lost my pictures of Bella - I ONLY have digital copies.

    I really am so sorry. But will also take your tip to heart.

  3. No how unlucky. Is there no way some techy can get them back??? I have an external back-up drive. Gosh hope it does what it says. Have a terrific Thursday if you can.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I feel your pain! Hope that you've figured out how to rescue some of your stuff.

  5. We agree. Although we have lots of back up storage letting Google do it is easy
    Benny & Lily

  6. oh no! I am going to buy the extra storage now!

  7. Well at least you have managed to keep your sense of humor on said computer hard drive. This is one of my biggest fears, so reading about Google storing your images perked up my ears. Now I have to go explore that option. If it means I can safely store my images somewhere other than my computer then you just addressed one of my greatest concerns.

    Aren't you glad your awful experience helped someone else? :)

    Seriously though, I really am sorry. Hoping you are back to full capacity soon - my personal favorite was the goose poop. :)

  8. I am laughing my head off... but not at your misfortune, I promise!

  9. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly


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