Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Of Cake Wreck(ing) Balls, Hershey, Kisses and Opportunistic PSAs

Disclosure: I tried not to. Really and truly, I tried.

I guess you could call this a belated Valentine's Day post. I'll let you decide after you get to the end.

So on Valentine's Day, Jon Farleigh and Dewi got a lovely little heart-shaped (doggie) cupcake to share. It came from Three Dog Bakery, the same place where I've gotten all their (doggie) birthday cakes.

Here's a photo of the cupcake:

 Cute, huh?

Yes, it was to me, too. Until I saw this on it:

Which reminded me that February is National Spay/Neuter Month, so I made this:

And then, after I did that, I looked at the cupcake again and saw this:

Which didn't really cause me to do anything, other than spend the next three days thinking about how I was going to "position" it (the steamer, aka pile of Hershey) in a blog post. 

I guess I can start thinking about something else now, huh? ;-)

And because I really do care about whether you, my dignified and exemplary readers, come back to read my blog on future occasions, the rest of this blog post will include only cute photos of my pets wearing cheap holiday-themed accessories from Target.


Dang it! You weren't supposed to see that!

Dear Target People-Who-Make-Cheap-Accessory-Decisions:
As your #1 fan of cheap holiday-themed accessories (to use in important blog posts such as this), I'd like to point out that for the last three years, you have offered exactly zero Valentine's Day-themed headbands, necessitating my "making do" with creative alternatives (such as these gift-bag doggie "necklaces" from 2012 and the above St. Paddy's Day antennae). All I'm saying is that if you want to sell some Cupid's arrow (for example) headgear in 2014, I will buy it. 
Thank you.

I believe it says "KISS ME."


Happy (un) Valentine's Day, y'all!



  1. Well, who knew I would be greeted with a questionable cupcake with an unmentionable theme for V-Day?? It's been so long, guys, but as always, I enjoy your posts and your cute faces--you too, Elizabeth and I will kiss you since I'm a cat and it's more appropriate than smooching the doggie boys.


  2. Hee hee!

    Well, if you need Valentine's headbands, peek into Jo Ann's Fabrics! I swear, they've got some cute stuff! I do love those St. Patrick's Day ones, though!

  3. Thank you for the biggest laugh of the day...Still laughing at that x-rated cupcake...You're totally redeemed by all those cute pet pictures...they're winners

  4. hahaha...that cupcake has me in stitches

  5. That cupcake is like a Rorschach test!

  6. Love the close ups ! Three Dog Bakery rocks
    Benny & Lily

  7. Lol... before I read that you thought the Hershey kiss looked like dog poo I was totally thinking it....

  8. LOL that is so funny. Sending kisses. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. How odd that Target makes cutesy things for St. Patrick's Day but not for Valentine's. Both are named after saints, right? Is one saint more saintly to Target than another? Personally I do prefer St. Patrick's Day myself as it is an excuse to drink more beer than I normally would but I wonder if Target is trying to make some sort of statement. Did they just forget Valentine's Day was coming like the rest of us?

  10. LOVE the headband shots. Must visit the Target dollar bins more often!

    And I have to admit - the first thing I saw in that 1st shot of the cupcake was that it looked like a steaming pile of... frosting. Too funny. :P I bet the dogs enjoyed it, not matter what it looked like!


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