Saturday, March 23, 2013

Because Inquiring Minds (like K's) Want to Know: What They Look Like All Together

Caution: If you get squeamish around pet hair, pets near where you might insert food into your mouth, large numbers of pets in one place, or you work for the Health Department, no one is forcing you to read any further. 

This post is dedicated to Kristine, who lives with only one dog (Shiva) and one cat (The Cat) and who writes eloquently (and often humorously) about them at her blog Rescued Insanity. To her I say: Insanity is such a relative term!


So I took this picture today at the crack of dawn (except that dawn had cracked about an hour earlier for less morning-averse people):

Unfortunately, due to my poor camera skills and the seven moving targets, this is the best photo quality I could get. I did, however, make a few clarifying adjustments in this next photo:

And what you are seeing here (in case you can't tell) is cat treat time at my house. It happens once a day, first thing in the a.m., usually by my husband, right after he starts a large pot of coffee. (Yes, I know. :) Anyway, today he was running an errand, so Middle Child stepped up. Also, since dawn had cracked an hour earlier, the dogs, who are normally still in the bed at this time (and therefore, not trying to get in on the cat treat action), had already eaten their breakfast and were free to try and get in on the cat treat action.

Note: Cat "treat" time should not be confused with dog "snack" time, which falls between 11 a.m. and noon daily. We have two distinctly separate words for these activities so that the dogs don't break the sound barrier trying to get into the pantry whenever the word "treat" is called (and vice versa for the use of the word "snack"). We also, I will have you know, sometimes spell out T-R-E-A-T and S-N-A-C-K in front of the animals. Because although they can speak English, they can't spell it...yet. :)

So there you go. I hope we can still be friends. Even if you're allergic. And if you are, just say "no" if I invite you over; I'll understand. :) (By the way, how did bloggers ever manage before the invention of keyboard smiley and winky faces?)


My next post will be technical in nature, but with a sprinkling of furry faces. I recently moved to a custom domain name (URL/address) for the blog and I want to share some of that experience with those who are interested. Hint: It wasn't hard and the transition has been seamless. But best of all, the switch doesn't require you to do a thing!


  1. I love the pictures!! I can't tell you how happy I am to see that someone else has cats on their dining room table - I am always worried that neighbors walking by will see them perched there while we are eating dinner (yes, one of them insists on joining us for every meal!)

    Cali (the dog) gets a treat every time we leave the house (she loves it when we leave!) and the cats get their treats at night as an "appetizer" to their wet food. They start circling me and demanding their goodies around 6:30. Your house looks like fun!!

  2. Fabulous! It's a rare occasion when all (or most of) our fur friends are in the same place at once! I'd love to catch a pic like that!

  3. The pictures are great! And to think people get all amazed that I can get four dogs to pose for a Christmas card photo. Working with cats is a whole other story entirely!

  4. Love the pics, especially the one with the labels. I don't think I could keep them all straight. 5 cats. Egads!

    I have one and his attitude is like having 5 cats. Of course, it could be because he is 19 years old and pretty much believes he should be vocal on every issue these days.

    The fur would not bother me. Litter box duty would. :)

  5. Oh my gosh! Look at all those kitties! I had to laugh at the disclaimer at the top. Reminded me of the days I carried food in my scrubs pockets to snack on while working at the vet clinic when I was pregnant.

  6. What a great group shot. Even with just two dogs furs get everywhere.
    Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. I will come and visit if invited. I have 2 cats and 3 dogs and don't even think about cats on counters. Really never did. And yes. Dewey totally looks like he belongs in Hobbiton.

  8. Remember the story about the can of clams sitting on the counter opened and the doorbell rang? Just goes to show it's all a "mind" thing as no one suspected a thing--no, not one! I sleep with Harry following his many trips to the litter box. Good question up there, how do you manage litter boxes???? My one box for two cats doesn't have any space left to dig following two days so my bed does get a little crunchy sometimes...

  9. And the cats appear to be more posed than Dewi and Jon Farleigh. Who would have thought?

    Congratulations on the painless blog switch. I guess a woman who can herd cats can do just about anything, huh?

  10. Looks like feeding time at my house!

  11. A word of warning... all our dogs not only understand English, but they know how to spell. Seriously. So, it is only a matter of time, dear friend! (I think our cat, Skeeter, thinks English and spelling are waaaay beneath her.)

  12. Great photo. You would understand my husband when he tries to coax our 4th rescue up on on the counters to join the others. How sad that his former owners trained him somehow (I hate to think) to stay down. And one time not too long ago a neighbor that I didn't know came over to drop something off. When I asked her to come into the kitchen, of course our 25 lb maine coon was spread out all across the kitchen island. She looked startled, and then said, "What a beautiful cat." I thanked her, and it was only later that it dawned on me that maybe her surprise was more due to where he was and not how gorgeous he is.

  13. At about the time that you 'failed' as a foster home for Maddox, I begain to wonder how Dewi and Jon Farleigh felt about being so out numbered. Especially since, to me, it sounds like they get into trouble for 'harassing" the kitties. I worry that you may FAVOR MADDOX, EVA, & Bertie. Yes, I have seen the pictures of the pups in time out. Regardless, I did envision the entire gang would be more spread out. Your post about privacy, (which reminds me of my life), didn't include any cats. Now that I have seen the entire gang together I gotta ask; do the kitties follow you as well? This home looks like more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Or perhaps I should say a clowder of kitties. Little Miss Pudgy Paws would like to come to visit. She would like to try kitty treats AND Corgi Snacks. Rebecca, upright for LMPP

    1. Hi, Rebecca. :) The dogs spend little time in time-out these days, even though they still bark at Maddox inappropriately sometimes. By now, though, Maddox is so used to them (and he has always been exceptionally tolerant, considering his age and tenure in the shelter) that their rudeness is largely ignored.

      Yes, it is a "fun" house (in more ways than one!). Feeding times, especially. I am lucky that I have eight other willing hands to help out with the chores and lavishing of attention. I could not do it all by myself!

      Honestly, two of the kitties - Tigger and Lula - usually are off on their own (which means they're in my kids' rooms), and therefore included less here than the others. I also tend to write more about the ones who have the most interesting blog presence (kind of hard to explain how exactly that is), but anyway, they're all dwelling together pretty amicably behind the scenes! Some just prefer (more than others) to stay behind the scenes!

      Ear scratches to LMPP! Thanks for being here!

  14. What a wonderful bunch of furries you have there. If it makes you feel better, I am envious of your great photo abilities!

  15. Love these pics. They are obviously well-loved and quite happy. I only have one cat to share my stuff with, but he learned long ago what is mine is his! (the only place he's not allowed is in the cleaning supply closet, which of course makes him want to steal a peek in there any chance he gets!)
    BTW, if your cats are strictly indoors, you may be interested in this:

  16. Love the pic! Only problem is that it makes my thoughts of adopting a 5th cat seem kind of reasonable...:)

  17. Love the photo! Quite a feat to get them all in one shot!!


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