Monday, May 20, 2013

Classic Cardigan: I Love Potty Humor and I Can't Help It

But first, here's a photo of the boys that I "swiped" from Jodi, the talented (and award-winning) dog blogger at Kol's Notes - Tips and Tricks from the DIY Dog...

She took it on Saturday, while at the BlogPaws pet blogging and social media conference in Tysons Corner, Virginia. I was not there.          

OK, yes I was! ;) (That's partly why I'm posting this "classic" today...because I'm old and tired, y'all.)

But anyway, about that photo. So, we were in a large dining room at the conference hotel, in the middle of zillions of people (and some other pets), when Jodi kindly gave me a baggie of some of her homemade carob dog treats, and then Dewi got completely fixed on the bag in my hand, and stood up on his haunches (as pictured), and did a show for everyone in the room, which made me a very proud dog mama! (JF did tricks and made me proud, too, by the way.)

And, there you go! The dogs represented at BlogPaws. :) They (and I) had a wonderful time. More on that later.

Today, though, I'd like to re-share a story I wrote over two years ago, which for the longest time (like up until last week), I had forgotten about. Because it's "hiding" under a post title that, other than the word "turd," has nothing to do with why I find potty humor so appealing.
(Hint: It might be genetic...or a product of my upbringing. You decide. ;-)

Originally published on March 2, 2011 (under a somewhat misleading title)...

There's a turd in the litterbox! Somebody celebrate with me!

Made you look! :)     (sorry, I couldn't resist.)

image credit
Preface: Somewhere, my hubby -- as he reads the blog now and then -- is hanging his head in shame. He thinks that I'm (check that -- my *whole family* on my dad's side) -- is fascinated with poop. For the record, I strongly disagree; however, I will admit that growing up, the subject (poop) was discussed freely. To be exact, my father (quite matter-of-factly) believed that just about any ailment could be attributed to one's being "irregular." Headache? You must be constipated. Bad breath? Constipated. Cranky? Clogged pipes. :) So, we ate a lot of beans and greasy things (no Activia back in that day) to keep things running smoothly. And incidentally, I still had bad breath and got headaches (but was a perfect angel otherwise). (FYI: There's a sucker born every minute. :)

Why there was even that *one* time when -- fairly early in our courtship -- my then boyfriend (now hubby) was over for dinner. He (boyfriend) must have turned down a second helping of butter beans (or some other mushy form of fiber) when my dad -- in his best Sheriff Andy Taylor drawl -- exclaimed, "B___, Ahh SUMtimes wurreh 'bowt yer reg-ye-LAIR-teh!" (Translation: "B___, I sometimes worry about your regularity!")  The rest of the meal was a blur.  I'm surprised I didn't get dumped (pun intended). :)


But, enough about me!  You might recall from yesterday that my old cat, Charlie, has been down with some bad tummy upset (hint: not constipation), which at her age, could have conceivably been her demise. However, this morning, there in her own private litterbox -- a turd! The old girl is still in the game. :) What a relief!

Carry on, y'all. :)

Chocolate, anyone?

In Memoriam: Charlie (Chatting it up in kitty heaven), 1991 - June 2, 2011


  1. You know I love poop stories. Especially YOUR stories ;)

  2. Can I just say that CArdi's dancing for one of my cookies makes my whole trip? I am sooooooo in love. Thank you for bringing them to me! In nutrition, I find I discuss poop far far more that I would like too. Isn't having dogs glamourous?!

  3. Parents can be a nightmare. Nowadays it is nice not to care. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Nature or nurture? Who cares! Great post then and now. (Love Jodi's capture of Dewi's greatness)

  5. Loved Dewi and JF doing their tricks for Jodi's treats! I was sitting at the table beside Jodi and AJ and saw the whole thing! Your boys are great.

    I, too, talk about poop on Riley's blog way more often than I want to...sigh! :)

    Elyse and Riley

  6. That dancing is pretty good
    Benny & Lily

  7. Dewi is SO adorable! So is JF, of course. ;)
    Loved this classic post! Made me giggle, especially your dad and your pun, haha!

    Marquie, Lassie & Petal

  8. I'm so jealous of everyone that went to Blog Paws - but super duper jealous of the folks that got to meet JF & Dewi! What are the odds they'll be in Vegas??

    So funny about your dad and irregularity. My hubs is the same way with dehydration. "My head hurts." "Did you drink enough water today?" "My leg hurts." "Did you drink enough water today?"

    Gotta love a poop post. Just had a guest blogger on the other day w/ a poop post!

  9. Well the pups look super cute! And lol at the story... everyone poops!

  10. Jodi's treats were like Cardi catnip. :)

    It was so fantastic to see you (and the boys - please note that I put you first in spite of my frenzied Twitter pleas for JF & Dewi time) again!

  11. mom did not see any Corgis at Blogpaws...had I been there with her we would have met all the dogs! Jodi's photo is adorable and we don't mind discussing the poddy issues as it is a normal topic at our house.

  12. Honey's reaction to Jodi's treats was not nearly as charming as Dewi's. She just jumped up like a fiend. Maybe he could have a little talk with her?

    As for your dad--did he ever spend time in Germany? If not, he'd probably love it. They're obsessed with turds. The toilets are even a slightly different shape so you can examine your leavings before flushing.

    Perhaps you should look into translating C of C into German. :)

  13. So nice to meet you and JF and Dewi at BlogPaws!

  14. I was glad to meet you at BlogPaws but sorry that I didn't get to meet the pups. I did catch a glimpse of them for a second outside one of the conference rooms though :) Maybe I will get kisses net time :)

    That's a great picture Jodi took.


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