Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It Rhymes With 'Hump' Day: Flump?, Flump, Flump, Flump?

Flump v. (Merriam-Webster): To move or fall suddenly and heavily <flumped down onto the floor> (Syn. plunk, plop)

Like so...

(OK, fine, it wasn't so much of a flump as a delicate presentation of the belly.☺)

Or, this...

(Now, that was a flump. By the dog and the toy.)

And this...

(Flump! And, yes, he always travels with something {ahem, a binky} in his mouth.)

And (finally) this...

(FYI: Dewi doesn't flump. Ever. He's more of a glider.)

And there you have it! Flumping corgis! Which makes me wonder: do dogs with regular sized legs flump? Or, is it just a dwarf dog thing? (My Molly was part Basset Hound, so I don't have a lot of experience with regular-sized dog legs!)

Tune in next Wednesday when I rhyme "hump" with...?


  1. No I am definitely a flumper when it comes to lying on the bed. So I am part of the flump club. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I must admit Flump is a word I've never heard! W/O the Merriam/Webster definition provided, I would have been tempted to say it was a made up word ;-) When you google Flump, your blog post does come up!

    1. I've expanded my vocab since starting this little endeavor. I'd never heard of flump, either. I imagine it will eventually get dropped from Webster to make room for more words like "selfie." :)

      As far as Google goes, the only uptick I've seen in search terms (as a result of the hump day posts) is "forrest hump." Yes, with his last name spelled "hump." (sigh)

  3. Oh, goodness - I thought you made that word up too! So funny, cuz I have a toddler and a dog in my new book I'm working on - and I seem to keep repeatedly writing that they both "plunk" or "plop" down. I started highlighting every time I write it so I can come back later and stick in another word. And here I find FLUMP! Whoohoo. I have a use for this word, so thank you for introducing me to it!

    Also... Rita has long legs and is also a flumper, so I don't think this is only a short dog thing. She totally flumps into her bed in the living room at night.

    (I do NOT want to see the other hits that come up when one searches on Forrest Hump. Sigh indeed.)

    1. Jackie, if I read the word flump in your next novel, well, I might flump right out on the floor! :D

  4. We haven't heard of Flump before but we can't wait to see more of it with them. So cute. I love the Vine when he is grabbing the red ball.

  5. I love this word Flump and now need to use it! I think it is only reserved for dwarf dogs. I also love the one with the red ball best.


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