Sunday, October 5, 2014

How to Turn Your Dog Into the Perfect Purse, in One Easy Step! (My BIGGEST Review Ever!)

1. Ask Mia (at Handmade by Mia, Unique felted creations) to do it for you!

You guys!!!

And frankly, I'm not sure that size-200 font is big enough to express my true feelings!

I sent Mia a photo of Dewi (as I did last Spring with Jon Farleigh).
And, look what she did!
All the way in Finland!
Out of nothing but a pile of wool yarn!

Note: The ginger tabby paw is my accessory. Not that the purse needed one, it's just that my assistant, Bobby Flay, insisted.

You do remember the purse Mia made of Jon Farleigh, right?

(Yes, same ginger tabby accessory.) 

Now, I have a complete set, for all seasons! And, these bags are so well made, they're heirloom quality. I guess that means my heirs better take good care of them, huh?

The heavy-weight cotton, happy, doggy lining is so adorable! 

And, I got a (surprise bonus) key fob out of it!

There's a hidden loop for my removable wrist strap (also purchased on Etsy).

I just cannot get over how close Mia got the needle-felting to Dewi's actual coat pattern. Most handmade merle items only capture coloring, but not individual coat patterns. This rendering, however, is exceptional. Truly exceptional!

I asked Mia for a toadstool (which is one of her "stock" designs) and a toad. It was her first ever toad, and I think she knocked it out of the park, don't you?

Dewi, exchanging pleasantries with himself. ☺

And in case you're wondering (and you are), the whole thing cost me $38, plus $7 for international shipping. Best $45 I ever spent on a Dewi purse!

This is what Mia's packages look like in the mailbox. So much fun!

My wrapped precious cargo!

Dewi is screaming in this photo. That is all.

Jon Farleigh is making sure purse-Dewi knows who's in charge. 

Bobby Flay (O'Fish) would like everyone (including me) to know that he is, in fact, the one in charge. 

Apparently, Finnish sheep's wool contains kitty crack.

And then, he was asleep on the job.

Maybe my next purse from Mia should have a Bobby Flay on it. Then a Maddox, and a Tigger, and an Eva...Bertie...Lula....☺

* More details about my experience placing a custom order with Mia are provided in my previous review (of the purse with Jon Farleigh on it).


  1. Wow! That's really nice purse :) And Dewi's coat pattern is so alike! Amazing! Mia has a real talent. I'll need to explore her work.


  2. Cool and how clever. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. wow, that is wicked cute and very well done! I would say 200 font wouldn't be big enough! :)

    thank you for sharing it

  4. OMD! That is incredible!! I love it. ♥

  5. That is SO perfect! (And of course I remember the JF purse!) As a fellow-felter, I wonder how she does that?? Will have to look into flat felting. (We've only ever made 3D things...) Totally Pawesome!

  6. Is that the coolest or what?!?! Love it!!

  7. As a dude I don't use purses but I have to admit there is some real talent here! Also, that looks just like my old cat Joey!


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