Monday, November 24, 2014

Classic Cardigan on Giving Thanks: 5 Essential Things My Dogs Are Probably Thankful For

It's hard for me to believe this blog will be four years old in a few short weeks. It seems like just yesterday, I was sitting here wondering how the tar I was gonna keep things fresh past the first spring thaw, and yet somehow (as in, I honestly don't know how), I'm sitting here getting ready to post a three-year-old Thanksgiving classic.

How did that happen? And, have we met? I hope not, because I have no idea what your name is! 

(So embarrassing.)

So, guess what? I PULLED YOUR LEG! Of course, I know who you are! Hi, there, dear reader! I'm so thankful that you read my goofy blog! ☺

And on that note, please enjoy my first-ever Thanksgiving-inspired blog post, originally published on November 22, 2011...

5 Essential Things My Dogs Are Probably Thankful For

I thought I'd list a few obvious things here since, well, you know Jon Farleigh and Dewi can't really speak their true feelings. Right?

I'd rather be taking a nap, man.

Lula: That's a PIG trough. Hehe.
JF: Shut up, Lula! Stupid thing is stupid! Ugh! 

A Warm Place to Sleep

Oh, wait! MY BAD. This one...
A dirt mattress would be better. Seriously.

Tigger: I hate you, you barbarian!
JF: If I had legs, I'd come up there and smack those stripes off!

Butterflies in Spring
See you in therapy, bro. 

Hope your pets are as thankful as mine! :)

Psst! Another "thankful" classic is coming tomorrow!


  1. So cute! Lots to be thankful for. I'd put food at the top of my list too. :) Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Ah, the joyful sounds of hissing friends and dressed up dogs seeking therapy! That is truly a lot to be thankful for. Are you gonna add your classic thanks posts to this weeks Share Gratitude hop? Brychwyn would appreciate more grateful corgis! :)

  3. I bet they are very thankful for the love and treats you give them!

  4. I love the crazy things Mom does with me, I am thankful for her :)

  5. I miss the days of having a cat around - though I don't think it would go so well with my current canine companion. I think Laika would do more than smack some stripes.. I can tell your lovely dogs are grateful - they've pretty much hit the jackpot when it comes to having an awesome family and home.


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