Thursday, November 27, 2014

Classic Cardigan on Giving Thanks: I Dress My Dogs Funny for Holidays Because Target Enables Me - A Literary Spoof

I have an entire cabinet full of cheap holiday-themed accessories from Target (and, more recently, Dollar General). It's all for the dogs. I put stuff on them, giggle, show the family, they roll their eyes, I roll mine back at them, and then I decide how I'm gonna work it (my adorned dogs) into the blog.

This has been going on for nearly four years. And that, friends, means that every time I so much as open that cabinet door and reach inside - in anticipation of the TREATS that go along with costumes and photo sessions - the dogs dance around in circles, exactly like Dug is doing up there. (Especially Dewi.)

Which makes it three times as hard to get them to sit still for the pictures. Which means more treats. Which means more dancing the next time I pull out the cheap holiday accessories.

I'm telling you, it's a vicious circle. I blame Target. ☺

So, what does this story have anything to do with Thanksgiving, you ask? Well, it doesn't. Except that it was the week of Thanksgiving when I wrote this next (cheap holiday accessory-laden) classic. 

Originally published on November 21, 2012...

If You Give a Nutty Pet Blogger Some Cheap Holiday-Themed Accessories from Target

Apologies to Laura Numeroff, the award-winning author of the popular "If you give..." series children's books, including If You Give a Pig a Pancake.

If You Give a Nutty Pet Blogger Some Cheap Holiday-Themed Accessories from Target...

*And by give, I mean sell.

She'll become giddy with anticipation over how hilarious they'll look on her canine blog subjects, Jon Farleigh and Dewi!  

Then after she's determined they'll do, she'll need to put them away (for a few days) inside the cabinet where she stores the extra rolls of paper towels (and any other previously purchased cheap holiday-themed accessories from Target).

Meanwhile (because everyone should look their best for a holiday shoot), she'll have to book the dogs for grooming sessions.

And the grooming sessions will remind her that she needs to have some high-value treats on hand for the upcoming photo shoot.

Which will remind her that she needs to go to Target to buy more paper towels (to clean up the drool from the high-value treats, obviously). 

And when she gets to Target, the first thing she'll see when she gets through the door are the bins of cheap (Christmas) holiday-themed accessories!

And naturally, she'll want some!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


Do your dogs like getting dressed up? 


Check back tomorrow for one last Thanksgiving-inspired "classic" (I use the word "classic" loosely)!

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