Wednesday, June 20, 2018

STOP the Madness! Affirmations and Meditation With Maddox (My Thumbed Cat)

Editor's Note: I don't know why cat-led meditation with Maddox didn't take off in 2015, when I first introduced it to the public. Perhaps the world wasn't mad enough. Or I didn't bother with SEO. None of that really matters now, though; the important thing is, Maddox can help you calm the flip down! Will you let him?

Notice: Neither I, nor Maddox, are certified meditation instructors. Frankly, we don't know what the heck we're doing. This is a parody. That said, we dare you not to smile.

Welcome, friends! It's been a tough go of it (your day, life, endeavor to become a professional magician, etc.) and we want to help! Do you have three minutes (of course you do; you're on the internet looking at social media)? Yay! Let's meditate for a bit. But before we start, here are a few helpful hints:

  1. Sit down. If you can't sit (because you're standing in a subway, for example), for dear life, tether yourself to something, so you don't doze off and fall on something sharp! (Note: You won't doze off. Unless you're on the toilet, in which case, I hope you doze off, and your reading device falls in. Because ew! That's just wrong.)
  2. Imagine you're sitting beside a picturesque waterfall, NOT Niagara Falls, though. Too violent.
  3. Get over any issues you might have with giant tabby cats who have thumbs. Especially old ones named Maddox, with crooked whiskers and eyes slightly cocked. Maddox and his paws are a gift to stressed humans. Trust me.
Alright, you're almost there! To start, Maddox will say several affirmations directly to you (feel free to read them out loud; no one will care), and then he'll lead you through some calming imagery. Ready?! OK, shhhh....

waterfall graphic with cat face avatar


The sun is shining through your window and through your heart.

Today you will take one step toward your dreams.

Snacks make you smile.

You feel a deep connection with your feet.

Today you will be pleasantly surprised.

You are in a state of pure joy.

You are grateful for your breath, no matter how bad it might smell.

You are a calm airplane passenger.

You look for humor and fun in as many situations as possible.

Meditation is calming and will help you not have road rage.


And now, repeat the word "catnip" while viewing the following photos (and remember to breathe).






{Now, do that again, in reverse.}

end of session

Please use caution not to stumble while exiting, and have a pleasant day. ☺

Note: Maddox will not accept money.

Bonus Sound Effects

Maddox is a former shelter cat. We adopted him in 2012 from the Richmond SPCA. He was nine years old and on a prescription diet to maintain his urinary tract health. He is a polydactyl, and my soul man.


  1. Loved that meditation session. I feel much more zen now!

  2. I had a polydactal cat whose name was Sammy - he chose us one day by just showing up and stayed with us for a couple years - shortly after arriving he got very ill and I willed that cat back to life with love and meds. Guess he knew where to get both when he came to us - and then he traveled on - loved my Sammy

  3. Yikes, he really does have thumbs! Thanks for the affirmations Maddox, I could really use some inspiration & serenity today. I found his purring to be soooo relaxing! Thanks!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


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