Tuesday, December 17, 2019

A Perfect Fit

Revised from original, published 6/6/11

I have lots of  photos from Jon Farleigh's dad Sam's 13th birthday party yesterday, and I plan to share them later this week. This magical one, though, simply refuses to reside on my hard drive for another second. Please enjoy it and its beautiful back story. 


While most of us were busy reacquainting with the "Samily" of red dogs, there was a young boy, maybe 12, taking a Sunday car ride with his family.

Not just any car ride, though. It was a ride that, as he anticipated it in bed the night before, probably, had deprived him of sleep. But in a good way.

It was a ride that, on any other early-morning Sunday, might have been short, mundane-maybe even a nuisance. But not this day.

No, on this day, the ride lasted F O R E V E R. Until that last little stretch, when the pounding of his heart and racing of his mind, swirled all the colors of the passing landscape into a blurry image from his dreams...

(Can you hear the whisper of his every shallow breath?)


The boy and his family had arrived...to the place where they'd been instructed to look for the red-coated dogs with "uncanny" resemblance. That's how they'd know they were in the right place.
The boy was about to meet his puppy.
The puppy was about to meet his boy.

little boy lying in grass with puppy's head resting on his leg

~~ ❈~~

I wonder how the boy knew it was his puppy?

Perhaps it was because his hand and thigh, together with the puppy's head (not unlike the slipper and Cinderella's foot), were a perfect fit.


Note: The Cardigan Welsh corgi puppy in the photo is Sully, and Sully is with his new boy, Max. At last update, they are getting along beautifully!


  1. Aww is right. What a precious-ly sweet story.

  2. Yes, and hard to believe that boy is an adult now! I hope he and Sully have had a wonderful life and are still best friends. Thank you for the comment!


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