Saturday, January 1, 2011

Birthday Cake (not fit for human consumption)

So I bought Jonny a birthday cake at Three Dog Bakery. My very first cake purchase for a pet - ever. But, since this awesome doggie bakery/boutique has opened up in town, I honestly couldn't wait for the time to come.  I mean, who wouldn't want to get their furry baby an adorable little homemade and personalized (by someone else) bone shaped birthday cake? (Apparently only the dog-obsessed according to my husband and children - but that's another story.)

Peanut Butter Icing, Chopped Peanuts and Carob
 Anyway, as I was paying (13 bucks well-spent) for the little cake, the girl behind the register said, "Oh, and it feeds 10." Since, as I stated before, I'm new to the whole doggie birthday cake thing, I was momentarily dumbfounded and I'm sure appeared like a deer in headlights as I thought to myself, "surely she means 10 dogs," but I was too embarrassed to ask her. So then I quickly glanced down at the ingredients posted on the display case and read: wheat flour, honey, bla, bla. I thought, "surely this cake isn't for people, she must mean 10 dogs, but who invites nine dogs over to eat cake? Oh, just buck up and ask her already!" [lift eyes to make eye contact] "Ten dogs, right?" I finally asked. "Uh huh," she said with a slight grin. Or maybe I imagined that. Boy, did I feel stupid when I walked out. :)  The dogs LOVED the cake, by the way, and still have eight more servings saved for later.

The Partying Cardi Boys
I would ever so much like some of that, please!
Dude, this ROCKS!

Please put us where the cake is, and hurry.
I will wait for crumbs.


  1. Georgia's cake came from Sammy Snacks in C'ville. Their cakes really are for human consumption too - I've tried them and they are yummy, if a little less sweet than I prefer. We are most likely going to be in Doswell at a dog show at the end of January. I'm pretty sure that's in your neck of the woods if you want to have a partial family reunion. I'll have Georgia entered and the kids' half-brother, Bogey, along.

  2. Hee hee - I bought a cake from there for my Cardi's 12th birthday last week. He loved it - it was all I could do to get a picture of him with the cake without him eating more than the "recommended serving". Oddly enough I saw another Cardi there at the time, pretty rare in the Richmond area!

  3. Red Dog Mom - I've heard of Sammy Snacks in C'ville and have seen their treats where I buy the dogs' food. I wish we could have shared the cake (it wouldn't have made us sick), but I tasted the icing (of course) and it was like peanut cream cheese with zero sugar - ew. Jon and I would love to meet up in Doswell. I see the shows on Infodog. Will you be there both days?

  4. Builder Mama - Thanks for the comment. ;) I assume you were at the Stony Point TDB; funny. I have never seen another Cardi in public in Richmond, but I know of a merle who frequents TDB. We have met at least five Cardi owners w/o their dogs around town. They come out of the woodwork when they see our dogs. Do you only have one Cardi?

  5. Another Fluff!!! Glad to have checked out your blog!

    Happy Birthday from one Fluff to another!

  6. I'll probably only show Georgia on Sunday. We are doing 3 days of the Fredericksburg show (12-16), 1 day at Doswell and then we are going to drive down to Atlanta for the first weekend in Feb to hit the shows there.

  7. Yappy Barkday, Jonny!!! Hope you had a pawsome time. That cake looks dog-gone good!!!

  8. Red Dog Mom - I can't remember where I'm leaving comments - if I already said this somewhere else, please disregard. We'd love to meet up on Sunday, Jan 30; please let me know what time the Cardis will be in the ring that day. Sounds like you and Georgia have a busy winter ahead.

  9. Yes, we only have one...for now! I'm hoping to add a puppy this spring if everything works out. We've had Rufus for 12 years, he's a red and white Cardi who came from England by way of a breeder in Maryland. We don't take him out much, he used to go to All Dog Playskool in the west end and did great with other dogs...with humans, he's extremely selective. Taking him to TDB would probably make the top of his head blow off!

    We live in the Highlands in Chesterfield...rumor has it there are two Cardis in our neighborhood, but I have never seen them. The girl I met with the Cardi at TDB has two, she had her tri with her and he was absolutely adorable and sweet. My son couldn't get enough of loving on him.

  10. My first dog couldn't go in public much; she was nervous around strangers, so we're trying to enjoy getting ours out when we can. Good luck with the puppy search; we had SO much fun with that last year.
    We're just north of River's Bend in Meadowville Landing - one of Emerson's projects. You probably know the Emerson family since you're in construction. We actually live across the street from his daughter, Carrie and family. My husband practices the same type of law as Carrie - real estate and land use. Small world.

  11. It is a small world! Yes, George is one of our best clients actually - we've done a lot of work for him. And of course he's one of the developers of the Highlands too. One of his nieces (her name escapes me) used to teach at the Goddard at Krause Road and was the sweetest girl, she did a ton of babysitting for us too.

    I'm anxious to see what a new puppy will bring personality-wise. Rufus has always been very shy and guarded, I'm hoping for a little ball of happy this time! I think it will be good for his old curmudgeonly self.


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