Thursday, January 27, 2011

From Tiffany to an Overflowing Toilet in Five Minutes Flat

I'd like to say I made this up, but that wouldn't be true.

9:52 a.m. today - Receive e-mail - from husband (Goodness knows why) - with a link to a local news article titled "Tiffany's coming to Stony Point".  (Yes, the jewelry store; coming to a mall near me.)  Back in the day when I earned a paycheck, I went through a little "sterling" phase.  So yeah, I might have a couple things from Tiffany.  Don't judge. 

9:53 a.m. - Daydream about Tiffany catalog and light blue gift boxes.  :)

9:54 a.m. - (Did I mention school was on a two-hour delay this morning?)  Head toward bedroom; notice the door is open (doggone kids); notice familiar funky odor; notice carpet is strewn with - hmmm - I'll say 10 smallish poop presents and a couple puddles of pee.

9:55 a.m. - Pick up poop with paper towels; flush half down toilet (I know); have serious doubts about whether high-capacity toilet can handle the other half; toss it in bowl anyway; leave bathroom without flushing (maybe paper will fall apart and go down easier).

9:56 a.m. - While cleaning up carpet (with Woolite Pet + Oxygen stain remover), ask W (child) to flush toilet; cross fingers; no sound; toilet is clogged; instead of getting plunger, flush toilet again (maybe it'll magically work the second time); water keeps rising...higher...higher...oops; waterfall in the bathroom.

Anyone want to go jewelry shopping?


  1. Squeeee!!!! We're getting a Tiffany??? I probably shouldn't tell The Huz about this or he might make us move. He's just ecstatic that we don't have an actual Yurman store here and he's saved from that until our annual Vegas trip.

    The Boy is notorious for not understanding how much toilet paper a toilet can handle at one time. An entire roll is *not* it. I had to sit him down the other day and explain the "courtesy flush" and other such niceties. I love my life.

  2. Uh huh; on the corner where Yankee Candle currently resides. I'm amazed they chose Stony Point.

  3. Three Dog Bakery and Tiffany. What more does a dog mom need? (I wish.)

  4. I guess they figure that with Saks right there in close proximity, it's a good location? I'm surprised Saks is still open - every time I've been in there (and only because they carry Laura Mercier and Nordstrom is a hike for me) I never see anyone buying a thing. How do they stay open?

  5. What a morning. Think it's time for a cocktail! Although when Tiffany's is open, the day *could* go like this:

    1) clean up mess
    2) flush toilet
    3) clean carpet
    4) unclog toilet
    5) get dressed and head over to Tiffany's and treat yourself for a job well-done!

    You're lucky to have a Three Dog Bakery nearby. I made a trip out once to visit 3-dog but then upon arrival saw that it has been closed for a while. C'est la vie.

  6. Chewie, I just found your comment in my spam folder; will need to take care of my stupid e-mail filter. :( Hmmm, gotta think of a way to work the jewelry reward thing. Sorry abt your 3-dog. Ours is in a dog-friendly mall; it's the most popular store in the place.


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