Friday, February 11, 2011

Dog Hair Explosion Part II: Why the World Needs Crafty People

Okay, so this is what I eventually brushed out of Dewi the other day when his undercoat spontaneously disengaged from his skin and landed on my kitchen floor:

Probably enough to fill a regular-sized plastic Target bag
If I'd had the right tool(s), I'd probably have gotten a lot more. Well anyway, I'm certain that just about NONE of my wonderful readers are impressed with the size of Dewi's pile of hair, since I understand from Red Dog Mom - over at Life with The Horde - that entire trash bags can get filled up multiple times before the "blow" is all over (of course, she does have five dogs). But that's okay; I just wanted to use this post to show you all what I made with the pile of hair.  :)

A couple weeks ago, Boo's Mom over at Darby's and Pumpkin's Daily posted "Don't ask me why", which if you didn't see it, is just - in my simple opinion - one of the coolest "crafty" dog posts I have ever seen. Who knew that shedded Cardigan Corgi hair could be turned into something so adorably photogenic? (Boo's Mom: I would totally frame the second photo and put it on my wall!) And to think that I had all the resources to do it myself AND I could get all my kids to make some, too; and if it worked, I'd never have to buy another cat toy again! Suddenly, I couldn't wait to grab the slicker brush. "Jon FARLeighhh!  DEWIiiiiii!  Time for your brUSHingssss!" (Remember, this was a couple weeks ago, so Dewi wasn't molting yet.)

A brushfull each of Jon's and Dewi's hair later...TA-DA!:

Yes, I know the photo stinks; this was the best I could get
after about 100 shots with my crappy camera. :(
But, aren't they cuUUUute! Of course, the beige one on the left is Jon Farleigh's. :) My kids were fascinated, too (they take after me). Now, wouldn't it be fun (thought I) to make a great BIG ball (think baseball) for the cat to bat (pun intended) around?

Remember the pile of fur I brushed out of Dewi (hint: up at the top of this post)? Okay, here's what I did with it:

Hint: It's the big nasty matt on the right.
Note to self: Left-brained career choices are the best choices.

Addendum note to self (updated 12/18/12): Any-brained career choice is better than NO career choice. [self-hug]

Boo's Mom (and all you other crafty folks out there - see comments here for several good examples) - I remain your grateful admirer.  :)


  1. I save at least one bag of hair each year for scattering through the garden in the spring and summer. Doesn't totally keep the bunnies out, but my garden gets a little less predation than my neighbors, so it must help. In case you are looking for another use for it. You WILL have plenty.

  2. i love this! now....can i send you a bag of my corgi's hair???? ;-)

  3. Dawn - Pardon my ignorance (I'm about as handy in the garden as I am crafty), but does the scent on the hair scare off the critters? If so, I'll be using fur mulch around my lillies this spring. :)

    Mary - If I can scare away deer with dog hair, yes, send it on!

  4. Elizabeth, thanks for the comments re my silly little blog posting! There is a technique to making the balls--lots of soap and lots of water and very gentle handling works best I've found. You"ve inspired me to try a big one! Melissa-boo21smom


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