Thursday, February 10, 2011

'I think my dog's coat exploded,' declared the first-time Corgi owner.

And that, friends, would be me.

I'd heard the term "blowing" coat thrown around in a few Corgi-related conversations, but never really fully *got it* until the other day when I reached down to "straighten" the tuft of hair sticking out of Dewi's hip.  When lo and behold, the whole darn clump just fell out on the floor, I finally understood.  When a coat "blows," it's literal. 

The first several tufts I pulled *by hand*.

Why it's a bad idea to groom in black fleece.  :(
To be continued.


  1. NOW you've been inaugurated to the breed :) How is he w/the vacuum cleaner? If he doesn't mind the noise, a great way to get a lot of that loose hair out is to reverse a shop vac - put the hose in the exhaust - and blow out the loose coat. Don't use a Furminator. It strips out ALL the undercoat, can scrape their skin causing hot spots and breaks the top coat hairs. If he won't tolerate the vacuum, then your best bet is a medium to long-toothed rake and daily grooming until he's done blowing.

  2. Oh, thank you for the tips! He actually chases the vacuum and barks wildly with joy (seriously). Maybe I can get him to be still for it outside though. I've been using a slicker, which works, but takes FOREVER.

  3. If you use the vacuum just be prepared for the blizzard of hair that will be unleashed - don't wear contact lenses while you are performing this operation :) Once he's blown and brushed out, give him a bath with warmer than normal water. The warmer water helps loosen coat too. Towel dry him as much as you can and then finish the drying w/the vacuum, then rake again. You'll get another garbage bag full of hair out of him. If you can repeat this operation weekly for a couple weeks it will get the blow over a little faster. I know it's a lot of work though :)

  4. The amount of hair is ungodly. Rufus' tends to fall out in little white tufts that are left strategically all over the place. And clothes? I have lint rollers stashed literally everywhere.

  5. Yikes! Is this what I have to look forward too?!
    LOL I guess it's time I take up a hobby like knitting! That looks like a enough hair to knit a small sweater for next winter or maybe a nice toupee for Uncle Henry! Hehehe :D

  6. Ok, but let's be clear that I live with 5, count 'em FIVE, Cardigans. Two might get you one garbage bag full - maybe 1 and a half :)

  7. RDM - I use smallish garbage bags, so I can see getting two out of this. :) Anyway, Dewi's bigger and has a thicker coat than JF. I can't imagine the hair you get from five.


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