Thursday, February 24, 2011

Funkytown - The Dog Version

It's always a good morning when one of my kids manages to get grounded before leaving for school. Now when more than one kid gets grounded in one morning, well, that just makes me want to burst into a morning song! Today it was Funkytown (circa 1980, by Lipps Inc.).

Okay, okay, that didn't happen this morning. Nope, this did: two kids got grounded, after which, one called me a "meanie" and then plotted his revenge. So, how do you think a 7.5-year-old gets revenge on his "mean" mommy? Like this: he pops his Disney Dance Songs CD into the player buried beneath the fallout-he-calls-a-room, fast forwards the tracks to Funkytown, presses PLAY, then REPEAT, and then quietly gets into the car to be driven to school.

I'll admit the first few times I heard the tune playing from downstairs, I bobbed my head along to the beat - who wouldn't?  It was the, oh, 10th, 25th...100th time later that made me want to stab my eardrums out with chop sticks!          
[It's off now, thankfully.]

So today, as an homage to Funkytown, here are a few pix of my funky corgis!

Give me the noms NOW!

Shooting for the Guinness World Record for longest
 time holding a 1-lb rawhide* in one's mouth.
"I'z so tired."

* If you choose to give your dog rawhide as a chew treat (we don't really anymore), always provide supervision, to prevent choking or swallowing large chunks, which can cause an obstruction in your dog's gut and/or make him sick. Consult your veterinarian for guidance, if needed.

Snow to Dogs = Catnip to Cats

She's crazy if she thinks I'm gonna bounce with these on.


Not pooping in the rain, not no way, not no how.

This is your dog on sugar.

Happy Dog or Smiling Grinch???

Dewi to Kirby (his littermate):
"Dude. Hot Cavalier chick to your right."

Making a really good wish or constipated?

WhatCHU doin?

WhatCHU doin?  (jail bait edition)

[In the vet's parking lot.]
Dewi to Jon: "Hey, dude, how's my drivin?"
Jon to Dewi: "I think we're parked, man."

Jon Farleigh - upon seeing the humans
bring out the dog beer keg.


  1. Fabulous captions! Love your sense of humor! And of course, for the picture where you ask "Making a really good wish or constipated?", the answer is Constipated! Why? Because JF is "Not pooping in the rain, not no way, not no how."

    Thanks for the chuckles!

  2. Those are great pictures. Good way to start the day with a laugh. Loved the one in the car!

  3. I love that last picture of JF! And Dewi...well, Dewi always makes me laugh.

    Speaking of kids and songs, at one point Monkey was obsessed with "Eye of the Tiger" and would howl/sing it at the top of his lungs constantly. In the shower was the best, because then at least I could roll my eyes without hurting his feelings.

  4. @Taryn, OOh, how clever!!! You're right, too.

    @Benny, Lily, Buddy & Bear - JF & Dewi try not to be funny, but they fail. (BTW - Dewi's face reminded me of Cheech (from the movies) in the car.)

    @Builder Mama - Eye of the Tiger? I bet you cracked up when he sang it in the shower. My little guy sings in the shower, too, but he makes up his own songs. :-o

  5. Elizabeth -- this is too funny! And I just love Jon Farleigh's face in the last photo. There's a certain type of humor that comes out of motherhood -- your tone reminds Jeannie of her sister, a mom of three who's an absolute master of irony and dry humor.

    Sorry I haven't been blogging as much these past few days - Jeannie has been very busy with work and school. She's writing her Master's Thesis and sitting in on a PhD level Demography class (taught by a member of her thesis committee...) this term. Yikes! That's probably why she runs around in circles looking for her car keys like a madwoman every morning!

    - Mayli the Labradane

  6. Stopping by on the blog hop! They have such great expressions in these pictures. So funny!

  7. @Mayli - Yes, being a human mom and having six pets can bring out some "tone" alright. :) Please tell Jeannie not to fret about blogging when she's busy filling her brain at school.

    @Oscar - Thanks for stopping by, you schnauzer, you.

  8. I have gone post-crazy today. (Been away for a bit). These captions are hilarious! Great photos--those two have the most insane expressions. I love the last one of Jon, lol!

  9. ROFL!!!

    If you weren't so busy with your own blog I'd put you on mine (and the payroll, if I actually had any money).

    Seriously ... how many times can I say it? This is MY favorite Corgi blog.

  10. @Laurie - Thanks (again). [turns red...again] :) In retrospect, I should've spread this post out for a week, instead of using up all my captions in one day. Those are still some of the funniest photos I have of them.

    Thanks for the hypothetical job offer! :)


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