Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Poopster Pix: I need me some 10-week-old Jon Farleigh.

Two weeks from Saturday will mark the one-year anniversary of the first day I met Jon Farleigh in person. He was 10 weeks old and at the stage I like to refer to as: *M a x i m u s  C u d d l i m u s.*

This was also the day I first laid eyes (and hands) on a real-live (not in print or media) Cardigan Welsh Corgi -- the dog breed I'd been obsessing and pining over for a hideously too-long time.  I'll never forget the butterflies in my stomach making the final approach up the curvy, gravel drive leading to "Johnny's" (his then call name) breeder's rural farm in piedmont North Carolina.  My face might have actually imprinted on the passenger side window as I craned to try and catch a glimpse of one of the little dwarf dogs as the car cleared a thicket. 

Then >BAM!<  Not just one, but all seven dwarves appeared - and then some!  It was like the whole car had entered the Shire with little Hobbit dogs (think huge ears and big-dog heads) locomoting around -- in a fenced pasture -- with seemingly no legs.  And the entire passengership of the car let out a collective "AWWWW!"

And we hadn't even seen the poopsters yet. :-o

So here's my hubby holding Jon Farleigh on that surreal March morning:

Not lovin' the camera in his face.

(Sidebar: Don't I have youthful-looking hands?  Oh wait [my bad] - I'm taking the picture.  Shoot.  Must be my daughter's.)

In addition to Jon Farleigh's breeder, Liz Hillebrand, and Lucy - his pretty canine mama, we got to meet JF's canine dad Sam - Mr. Yardican himself - and his human mom Dina, aka Red Dog Mom of Life with The Horde.

It would be three long weeks, though, before I got to bring Jon Farleigh home - as there was a certain four-week-old baby BLUE MERLE boy in Maryland still waiting to meet his new family...

That was okay though, since this picture to tide me over was waiting in my inbox when we got home. :)


  1. Okay, two questions for you...

    1. How in the world did you manage to get TWO at one time? As in, did your husband think you were certifiably insane?

    2. How did Jon Farleigh get his name? Which I love, BTW.

  2. Oh, and you're right...Nick was born in mid-December and he is a chunka-chunka burning love. If you've seen my picture on Janet's blog holding him - and you know I'm not exactly petite - he is a big, big boy. He and JF do look very similar, although Nick has more black on his very smoochable face. :-)

  3. We were going to name him Farleigh (which in Old English means "from the bull pasture," but couldn't get away from his call name (John). So, we named him both. Husband named Dewi (David in Welsh). Decided to change "John" to Jon (short for Jonathan) because in the Old Testament, Jonathan and David were "blood" brothers.
    There you have it. :)

  4. Here's the short answer to question #1: Hubby wasn't sold on a fluff as our first cardi, but was open to discussion. He had his heart set on a blue merle. We found out about both litters in the same week. JF was already old enough to leave, but Dewi was a blind hampster. I was gaga over JF. Both hubby and I loved Dewi. The compromise was to get both.
    Now, all you have to do is get Joey to go with you to visit another litter so HE can get attached to one. Then you can have three!

  5. JF had A LOT of black on him up until about 9 weeks, then it all turned red. Nick does look more sable - he's gonna be a very handsome boy.

  6. Liz: Let me poke around, I think I have access to even younger pictures of JF :) I confirmed tonight that my agility instructor will let us have a Cardi Party at the agility field when the weather warms up. I'm thinking late May to celebrate Sam's 13th bday!

  7. aahhh, are you a stuffY
    Benny & Lily

  8. Oh my goodness, those are some seriously precious photos of Jon Farleigh! It's so cool that you are right in the same area as Banjo and Millie, I had no idea! The Expo was lots of fun. From what I understand, there is Woofstock in April put on by RAL that is a similar outdoor event. You should come and bring Dewi and Jon Farleigh. I'm sure they would have a blast! And on another note, I just got an email from a friend whose friend's dog just had a litter of 7 corgi pups. Do Dewi and Jon Farleigh want a little brother or sister?! Or do you know anyone in the area who might?

  9. @RDM - We would *love* to join the party in late May (we have a dance recital weekend of 5/14-15, but are clear after that). Also, I have a few photos of JF younger than this - back to 4 weeks - copied them from Liz' facebook albums); he changed so much!

    @Banjo, Millie and mom - Jon Farleigh and I were at Woofstock last spring; it was HOT that day, but still much fun. We're all planning to go again this year.
    Unfortunately, JF and Dewi have to decline on the little sib offer. I'd have your friend tell the other friend to join (there's a link on my page), and then all three of the Virginia Corgi groups. There might be some folks on there who'd love a corgi poopster. I know a member who's moving to Baltimore from MN soon, and she's looking for breeders in the MD/VA area. Here is her blog:

  10. We love this post! Love, the best ingredient of all! Thanks for sharing! Love the comments too! Great way to start the day!

  11. He is SO cute! Just a little bundle of fluff!

  12. This..... oh my gosh. I love him! His puppyness is paralyzing!

  13. Oh my word. It is pawrty gone wild too! BOL. What happens at the pawrty, stays at the pawrty
    Benny & Lily


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