Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tasteless Tuesday: Is Blogger comment 'word verification' really random?

If you've ever commented on a post in Blogger, chances are you've encountered "word verification."  You know, the step where Blogger - or some evil goblin - prompts you to enter some random, garbled word before your comment will be published?  Yeah, well, I got this "random" word a little while back:


I didn't know whether to change my comment to "Well, UPYRES, too - *ee-atch!"  or laugh.  Of course, since I know the blog owner is incapable (at least publicly) of such unwarranted vulgarity, I chose laughter.  ;)

Oh, and FYI - Yesterday I got this one:  BalEsS   

Since I'm hormonally challenged this week, it's a darn good thing I'm not a guy.

Has anyone else ever received a *questionable* random word?    (or, should I be concerned?) :)


  1. Maybe that second one was an early entry in honor of Spay/Neuter Day (today).

    Hysterical, in any case. I'm going to have to read more carefully...

  2. I didn't know today is Spay/Neuter Day. In that case, I'm even more convinced there's a "brain" behind the "random" words. :)

  3. Ha! This is hilarious. I like the idea that you got a variant of "up yours" from Captcha. Those stinkers! :)

  4. Those are some nutty words, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  5. I think you should totally be worried. I *never* get verification words like that. Never. ;-)



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